Democrat Jois ignores the epidemic of sexual violence in his party.


Memo to lawyer Goutam Jois:  In the midst of the hearings going on in Trenton, this is no time to try to change the subject and divert attention away from the topic of sexual violence against women.

The victims are Democrat women… campaign workers, volunteers, and activists in the Democrat Party – and whether through intimidation or direct violent assault they are victims of a politics that places boss-worship over the right of women to say “NO”.

Instead of trying to change the subject with a mincing attack on a Republican arguing for civil discourse and good conduct, lawyer Goutam Jois should be asking tough questions of the Democrat bosses he is instead trying to suck-up to.  Jois should be asking if it is even safe for a women to participate in a Democrat Party campaign anymore?  What guarantee does any woman have that she won’t be subjected to violent sexual assault and that when it happens and she speaks out, that she won’t become a pariah of the party?

Lawyer Jois is seeking to become a member of a legislative caucus with a long and disgraceful history of bad conduct towards women.  From accessing child porn from a taxpayer-funded, legislative office computer to allegations of stalking women and worse, past and present members of the Democrat caucus that Jois aspires to become a member of have a lot to answer for.  Jois should be asking those questions instead of trying to change the subject and divert attention away from the sexual violence against women.

Perhaps Jois should be calling on the NRA to provide gun safety courses for women campaign volunteers and workers as part of their orientation before becoming involved in the campaign of a Democrat running for office?  Maybe he can suggest the installation of “safe rooms” for women in Democrat Party headquarters?

Whatever Jois comes up with, that should be his campaign’s first order of business.  Tell us what you are going to do about the sexual violence and intimidation against women who simply want to exercise their right to be active in the Democrat Party?