Ms. Amy Wilson, writing on behalf of editor David Wildstein (aka “The Mastermind of the Criminal Conspiracy known as BridgeGate”), has pronounced Congressman Tom MacArthur a “racist” because the NJGOP sent out a mailer attacking his opponent that appears to have deliberately used a font associated with businesses like “Chinese restaurants”.  MacArthur’s opponent’s ethnic background is Korean.

Evidently Ms. Wilson doesn’t know that Congressman MacArthur’s children share the same ethnic background as his opponent.  They too are ethnically Korean.  This delineation is, of course, of great importance to people on the Left, who have made a religion of such things.  For most of us, it is enough to know that we share an allegiance to the same flag.  That what matters is nationality.  That when tested in a time of war we would all wear the same uniform, which is, at the end of it all, the only color that matters. 

Ms. Wilson is apparently unaware that there are federal election laws in place that forbid Congressman MacArthur from knowing about or having anything at all to do with the preparation of such an expenditure by the NJGOP.  So if, as Ms. Wilson seems to suggest, Congressman MacArthur or his campaign team personally selected that font for that mailer… Well, let’s just say that Ms. Wilson’s opinion of him would be the least of his worries.

Clearly, the fault lays not with the Congressman, but rather with the State Party – the NJGOP.  Or does it?  Perhaps this is merely the case of some too cute-by-half Millennial  graphics designer and the failure of the institution to catch it.  And now there’s a controversy… but does it rise to the level of racist?  Especially when a simple Google search will reveal hundreds of advertisements featured in American newspapers that use the same or similar fonts.  Yes, these newspapers charged businesses money for these ads and, in most cases (because this is how it works) THE NEWSPAPERS DESIGNED THE ADVERTISEMENTS IN-HOUSE.  Should we conclude that print journalism is inherently racist?

Should we have legislation to ban the use of such “hate fonts” as they have banned the image of the swastika in Germany?  We can all agree that the use of such a font was in bad taste and juvenile.  Like a fart joke at a Bar Mitzvah.  But racist?  We thought racism was something serious… that crept into a man’s heart, turning him sour and away from God and his fellow man. 

If we use the term “racist” to describe a font, what are we left with to describe an entire book… like Mein Kampf or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?  Or even a sign, held by United States Senator Cory Booker…


We don’t know who is endangered by the silly font in the NJGOP’s mailer, but we do have a very sound estimate of the number of Jews who would face a pogrom of terror, torture, rape, and murder.  Calling for an end to Israel’s border wall and other fortifications that protect innocent civilians against terrorists is like calling for a second Holocaust. 

Most Americans are not racist but they are racialist – W.E.B. DuBois made this distinction.  They are racialist because they were taught to think in terms of race from a very early age.  Today, it is the religion of the Left that teaches some races have primacy over others, for a varied set of reasons, while some are marked with a kind of original sin (see Anne Hathaway).  Americans are supposed to be better than this.  We are supposed to be a people of the idea.  And that idea is America itself, of our Constitution, and the Republic – a Republic that doesn’t recognize wealth or class, in which the highest honor is the word “citizen” and where all stand equal before the law.  Of an individualism that says, “I’ll be judged by who I am… not by who my father was.”

Which brings us back to Amy Wilson.  The venue she’s chosen to write for is instructive.  As we mentioned earlier, NJ Globe is run by David Wildstein – former political operative, former elected official, former patronage appointment, convicted for his involvement in the infamous BridgeGate scandal.  We wonder if Ms. Wilson recalls some of the details of that scandal and the resulting testimony. 

Does she remember this exchange between the man she writes for and another staffer:

The lane closures caused many Fort Lee students to be late for their first day of school.

"I feel badly about the kids," the unknown person said. "I guess."

"They are the children of Buono voters," Wildstein replied.

Now, unfortunately, we must return to the delineation of race.  Fort Lee is 63 percent White and 32 percent Asian.  So “the children of Buono voters” are who?

We will leave Ms. Wilson to sort that one out with her boss.