Mikey Puzio joins Mikie Sherrill and the Democrats in a time of Antifa

What an asswipe!

No, we take that back… a festered asswipe!

Mikey Puzio, who somehow got over on the voters of Rockaway Township and passed himself off as a member of the GOP, was an elected member of the Rockaway Council.  He agreed to sell out to the Democrat Party of Governor Phil Murphy and Bob “I didn’t traffick those girls” Menendez. 

The reason he gave is rich.  

Puzio said:  “Our community needs a leader with a proven record of working with people from both parties.”  Yeah, well you had one, his name was Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen. 

Yep, you had one until Mikie Sherrill set her “Resistance” pals on Rodney.  They screamed and shouted down old Congressman Frelinghuysen – spat insults at him, called him vicious names, trashed his name and all the good works that he stood for.  Just as Rodney Frelinghuysen was about to secure mass transit service for Sussex County… Mikie Sherrill’s loudmouths tortured the old fellow, drove up his blood pressure, rattled his nerves, to the point that he quietly exited the stage.

Mikie Sherrill knew that Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen was getting up there in age and that his health was in decline.  She also knew that he was one of the most bi-partisan members of Congress… known for his mild, gentlemanly demeanor, respected by both parties, willing to work with all sides to find solutions.

This was the man Mikie Sherrill set her Antifa hoodlums on.

Mikie Sherrill lost New Jersey one of its most powerful advocates in Congress – no, not with press releases, but in his quiet way, he knew how to get things done in Congress. He secured the post of Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in 2017.  In this powerful position, Rodney Frelinghuysen would have been able to accomplish so much for our state.  Now that’s all gone.  You killed the guy who was in the best position to serve our state and don’t think for one moment that some wet-behind-the-ears freshman is going to make a patch on Rodney’s arse.

Standing with his new far-Left friends, Puzio signed a press release that read more like a hostage letter:  “The partisanship that plagues Congress hurts Rockaway, and prevents New Jersey from moving forward.  I’m endorsing Mikie Sherrill because I know the letter that comes after my name is less important to Mikie than the fact that I am a resident of this community.”

Sure.  The “Resistance” is just sooooo bi-partisan.  How did anybody miss that?  Yep, we are all just supposed to forget where Mikie Sherrill came from.  The radical crowd she hung out with. 

That’s what Mikey Puzio wants us to do.  He wants us to forget who Mikie Sherrill really is and the radical soil she has sprung from.  He wants us to forget what Sherrill’s radical followers did to a genuinely bi-partisan leader – Rodney Frelinghuysen – and how they trashed his good name and good works.

No way, handjob… we will not forget.