Democrat candidate cries “bullying” … wants to sue.

Like the snowflake who wanted to be a Marine but refused to go through boot camp, a Democrat candidate in New Jersey is threatening to sue his GOP opponent because he believes the Republicans are “calling him names”.  This is funny as hell, coming from a candidate of a party that calls someone a “Nazi” or a “racist” nearly every day. 

A Democrat on the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee is claiming “verbal assault… slanders… harassment” and that “the damages to my political career are impossible to repair.”  Read the full story here:

It is kind of scary, because this Democrat Party candidate wants power but he is not willing to subject himself to the public commentary that goes with power.  He just wants to be able to screw with other peoples’ lives – raise their taxes, pass their laws, regulate them, tell them what they can or cannot do – but if someone grumbles about it, he’ll sue them too (and watch out… he’ll want to use your tax dollars to smash any negative comments about what he does).  He claims that it is a case of “bullying” but we think it is one of handjobbery. 

Even privates get to call generals names behind their backs.  Griping is a tradition in the military.

You have to wonder about the condition of American manhood when one of our nation’s two great political parties offers up specimens like this.  And it’s not only the wanker from Egg Harbor.  Take a look at congressional candidates Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski.  Andy actually pouts when anyone doubts the line of bullshit he serves up daily.  Kim is quite the acrobat – while insisting that he opposes war, he claims he personally ran the war in Afghanistan.  And Tommy (him pretty) Malinowski pissed and moaned to the Star-Ledger no less, demanding that they defend him from the “lies” being told by those meanie Republicans. 

Are you on the receiving end of any of his missives?  Malinowski’s fundraising requests combine a breathless urgency and gentle reassurance not unlike that employed by sex workers… “you can do it, that’s okay, just… make that contribution… yes, $200 is better… that’s it…”  Heck, you get a rash just reading his stuff.

If this is America closing in on the first quarter of the new century… what will be left of it at the last quarter?