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Former Texas U.S. Congressman and three-time presidential candidate issued the following statement regarding Murray Sabrin’s U.S. Senate candidacy:    

“I am pleased to endorse my good friend of 35 years Murray Sabrin for United States Senate. Murray's dedication to, and knowledge of, the principles of liberty will make him an effective advocate for freeing the people of New Jersey---and the Nation--from excessive taxes, debt, and inflation, as well as ending the ongoing violations of our right to free speech, property, and privacy.  Murray will also be an outspoken Senator for peaceful relations with other nations, and work to ensure that our immigration policies adhere to common sense solutions like his proposal to have immigrants obtain sponsors so they can assimilate and become financially independent.”

Murray was Ron Paul’s 2008 New Jersey spokesman during the 2008 Republican presidential primary campaign, said, “I am honored to receive Dr. Paul’s endorsement.  For more than four decades Dr. Paul was America’s leading advocate of limited government at home and a noninterventionist foreign policy. He also was a critic of the Federal Reserve’s destabilizing policies, which have been responsible for the economy’s booms and busts.”   In addition, Dr. Sabrin pointed out, if he is elected to the U.S. Senate this year, he will continue to be a voice like Dr. Paul who always spoke Truth to Power in the House of Representatives and in his presidential campaigns.