A warning to those GOPers who attended the GSE ball.

Democrat operative Jay Lassiter wrote a column for InsiderNJ in which he gloated over the number of Republicans who appeared at the “Equality Ball” – a fundraiser for Garden State Equality, a political action committee and lobbying organization.  Yes, we agree, it was remarkable.

Republicans don’t need a special event to interact with those fellow humans who have been marketed, sliced and diced, and packaged into what is now dubbed “the LGBT community.”  There are some of us who live in communities – actual towns, real places – in which there is an “equality ball” going on every day – 365 days a year. 

The seed of bigotry is the segregation of human beings into “identities” and then being made to orientate yourself to addressing those different identities instead of the common humanity.  Of course, this is the model that global capitalism and the cultural “New Left” (NOT!) uses.  The marketers of Madison Avenue like placing people into silos – or identity groups – as much as do the tax-avoidance rip-off artists of the entertainment industry.

But it wasn’t enough for marketers of products to segregate us into identity groups – now identity organizations emerge to speak for those groups.  They presume to tell those segregated into the identity how to think and what to do in order to remain “loyal” and part of the group.  Think independently and you risk being labeled a “traitor” to the group.  Of course, the first and foremost duty of group identity is always the same… to give the self-appointed folks who speak for your group some of your money.

The purpose of Garden State Equality is the organization itself.  It can never be satisfied.  One “goal” must always be replaced by another, lest the urgency flag, the money dry up, and Christian Fuscarino not be paid.  Of course, this requires hate objects… and this is where YOU come in, dear Republicans.

GSE is no great thinking shop.  There are no subtleties – only black and white – and Republicans, “that’s them over there, wearing the black hats.”  The easiest way to make money is to cry “Trump”!  To insist that “R” is for “Reptile.”

So why would you treat a GSE fundraiser any differently than you would a Phil Murphy for Governor fundraiser?

The record of Garden State Equality is clear:  It is a Democrat Party PAC and a bulwark of Democrat hegemony in New Jersey.  And it’s a bullying kind of PAC – quite willing to threaten if it doesn’t get its way when it wants it.  Remember GSE’s meltdown in 2010, after they lost a vote on same-sex marriage:

“Smarting over the state Senate's refusal to pass marriage equality and disillusioned at the moment with the Democratic Party majority, Garden State Equality’s 85-member Board of Directors unanimously decided against giving financial contributions to political parties and their affiliated committees.  

Under the new policy, Garden State Equality will make financial contributions only to individual candidates and to non-party organizations that further equality for the LGBT community, according to a release issued this morning by the organization…

Garden State Equality estimates that since 2005 they have given $500,000 to Democratic Party candidates, while giving only minimally to Republicans.”

(PolitickerNJ.com, February 8, 2010)

No Republican genuflected before Garden State Equality more than former Senator Jennifer Beck.  It was to no avail.  When she really needed them to return the favor, they stabbed her in the back and supported Democrat Vin Gopal.  She succeeded in suppressing her Republican base but got nothing in return for doing so.  GSE considered Beck’s defeat one of their singular achievements of 2017.

At last year’s “Equality Ball” (2017 GSE Gala) in May, Senator Beck was in attendance with Republican gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno, sucking up to people who would shortly celebrate their defeats.  To what purpose?  And when Beck and Guadagno lost, GSE wasn’t even delicate about it, releasing blood-thirsty statements cheering their loss. 

According to Jay Lassiter, GSE bagged a quarter-million dollars at their fundraiser, enough to cause plenty of havoc for Republicans politically – but there is a larger concern too.  So-called LGBT issues, some of them mere artifice, not only dominate but have pushed out other legislative business.  On the Legislature’s last session day, as they faced a government shut-down, the legislation being debated and voted on included no less than five transgender bills – but not a single piece of legislation addressing property tax reduction, or job creation, or New Jersey’s growing poverty.  Everything is thrown aside for GSE’s fundraising agenda.

The New Jersey Legislature even caved into pressure to use government to fund Garden State Equality's lobbying and political efforts, through a GSE license plate scheme.  In effect, the Democrats created a program of taxpayer-funded lobbying and political campaign activity -- but only for one side.  And that “side” is increasing rigid and authoritarian in their outlook towards those who hold different opinions, whether for philosophical or religious reasons.

Read the statement below.  It could have been written in the 1930's by a guy named Ernst Rohm. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 1.01.47 PM.png

"The wrong side of history"???

That was said of Churchill and of all those who counseled resistance to that modern and "inexorable" movement of the last century. 

Did GSE's Fuscarino lift that directly from Mrs. Charles Lindbergh's book, The Wave of the Future, A Confession of Faith?

GSE's Fuscarino suggests that there can be no discussion, no disagreement, that the Golden Ass has replaced the old God and we are now dominated by a cultural paradigm that is both Post-Christian and Post-Western.  Aside from being profoundly juvenile to expect a world in which everyone holds the same opinion, it is starkly authoritarian.  Not content with that, GSE's Fuscarino plays the LGBT storm trooper and goes a step further by threatening those who even consider voting their conscience.

And some New Jersey Republicans are funding this???

Why not take a cue from those liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices who joined their conservative colleagues in siding yesterday with a Colorado baker who refused to be bullied into “celebrating” something that was not in his heart to celebrate?  The justices did not like the disrespect shown by Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission towards dissenting points of view – specifically dissenting points of view based on religious beliefs.  Freedom won.

Funny.  Freedom used to be a cherished Republican ideal.  So why are Republicans helping to fund an authoritarian, anti-freedom, anti-Republican political action committee scam that will never be satisfied so long as it has “activists” to make money off it?