A reader reacts to John McCann

By Sam Adams

The young Republicans love affair with John McCann.

Seems the latte-sipping, basement dwellers over at the young Republicans are so desperate to become a political power in New Jersey, they backed John McCann.

Sadly though when researching McCann, I think they may have thought McCain was their guy. But hey that's alright, both democrats hiding in Republican clothing.

The problem though, this is do or die for the Young Republicans, and with the baggage McCann has, it will be a flaming wreck.

Let's see, flip flops on right to life issues.

Wasn't allowed to speak at a 2nd amendment rally because he wouldn't fill out a questionnaire.


Paying for endorsements.

Caught on tape admitting he has to lie. Yes caught on tape.

Sadly he isn't suited to be a dog catcher.

But thank God for Steve Lonegan. True conservative.

Lots of endorsements Record of lowering taxes Right to life.

Asked to speak at both Trump and 2nd amendment rallies.

Don't worry boys, Dunkin Doughnuts has a new latte coming out just for you.

McCan't again latte. Drink up.