Jersey City blog to network with reform blogs across NJ

Take a look at this blog and see what it has accomplished already…

Real Jersey City editor Michael Shurin is a pro-freedom, pro-reform, anti-corruption crusader who doesn’t stop until the bad guys are in jail.

He’s becoming a role-model for citizen journalists throughout New Jersey.

We at Jersey Conservative are proud to be part of a growing network of citizen journalists from throughout the Garden State.  People of many different political perspectives understand that a corrupt process not only corrupts outcomes, but it ruins people’s faith in the integrity of what should be their government.  It not only suppresses voter participation – it destroys hope.

We will be working closely with Real Jersey City to expose the corruption there that every taxpayer in the state is subsidizing.  And we will examine how an intricate network of bi-partisan political deal making keeps the money flowing into Jersey City to the benefit of – not the poor, or even the working poor – but the very wealthiest corporations and professionals.

So stay tuned and follow the money…