The hypocrisy of Assemblywoman Timberlake ignores vulnerable women, embraces criminality.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we've all heard your faux outrage at band banners (yeah, it was a band banner, not a Johnny Reb flag) and rap lyrics before.  Some people just hate music.  Is Assemblywoman Timberlake trying out for the Mrs. Al Gore awards?  Is Timberlake the anti-Lady Gaga?

Look, we appreciate how seriously Lady Timberlake takes unproven allegations from decades ago, but what about actual criminal indictments and convictions, how seriously do you take them?  We'd like to know what goes through your mind as you snuggle up in caucus to fellow Democrats like Raj Mukherji?

Remember him?  Raj was buddies with another politician who killed a homeless African-American veteran.  Just ran him over on the street like he was a dog and when the cops came he told them he had hit a deer.  Your kind of guy, right Lady Timberlake?  And how about your caucus mate Raj?  He's some guy...

Message to Lady Timberlake... stop deflecting and apologize to Bob Hugin and Assemblywoman DeCroce for your stupid comments.  Own up to the criminality of the scumbags in your own caucus.  Then do something about it.

Once you've cleaned up that stable of a mess the Democrats call a caucus, then you can play high and mighty.