#MeToo... meet Tom Moran and the dirtbags he works for.

Remember the Moran prescription:  Any allegation is proof of fault, the penalty for which is the suspension of civil liberties and removal from public life. 

So here are just a few of the allegations made by women against the people who employ Tom Moran. 

In this case, the women "suffered from consistent disparagement during their employment... managers, who directly supervised (the women) and were responsible for setting their compensation, repeatedly disparaged them on the basis of their age and gender, among other things."

"...referred to female employees as 'wenches' and that 'women should stay home in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant'."

"...female sales representatives were 'lucky' to be allowed to work."

 The women were called, among other things "old farts" and "old f*ckers."

Management "disparaged one woman on the basis of her religion.  On repeated occasions he referred to individuals who practiced Judaism as 'your kind'."

"Around the time of Hurricane Sandy, the women requested to leave the office due to the closings of bridges in New Jersey."  Management became irate and stated "you women, you are all a bunch of wusses."

One Latina woman came to management to explain that she was pregnant.  She was told "that child-bearing was all women were good for" and that it was "her fault for being a single parent" and that she had "put herself in that position."

Management discriminated against the women "by subjecting them to discriminatory pay, discriminatory denials of bonuses and other compensation incentives, discriminatory denial of promotions, and other forms of discrimination in compensation in violation of the Equal Pay Act" including "lower base salary and commission."

"The differential in pay between male and female employees was not due to seniority, merit, quantity or quality of production, or a factor other than sex, but was due solely to gender."

These allegations were made by three long-term female employees.  One resides in Hazlett, one in Fords, and one in Old Bridge.  There are dozens of others who have alleged similar suffering under the regime Tom Moran works for.  Their stories will be told.

SOURCE:  Federal Court Records

We would like commentary from Tom Moran before we move on to the next group of women who suffered at the hands of the corporation that employs him. 

In lieu of commentary, perhaps some other form of atonement might be in order, such as the wearing of the editor's undershorts on his head at the next meeting of the editorial board.  Or the public wearing of a sweatshirt with the words... "I know, I'm a Dick." 

Stay tuned...