Boss Conaway plays god. Gov't not parents to decide on vaccination.

Is this the face of god?

herb conaway.jpg

A venial politician?  The great god moe.

Assemblyman Herbert "the moe" Conaway runs the Assembly Health Committee by grant of one of the most corrupt political machines in history.  He's no angel.

Conaway is a part of the Medical Industrial Establishment -- you know, the same folks who pushed opioids on us and assured all the world that there was no danger.  To give you an idea of how that turned out, think on this:

In 2017, seven children died in school shootings.

That year more than 66,000 died of opioids.  Thank you Medical Industrial Establishment.

Now Boss Conaway wants government to determine how genuine are your religious convictions.  No kidding.  A lousy politician wants to sit in judgment and decide if you recognize who the real god is... him.

The Star-Ledger reported the action from Moe Conaway's committee on Thursday:

"Parents erupted in anger Thursday after state lawmakers advanced a bill that would make it harder for families in New Jersey to avoid getting their children shots based on religious grounds. 

Moments after the state Assembly Health Committee at the Statehouse in Trenton approved the measure, dozens of people leapt to their feet shouting, 'You are going to hell!' 'Shame!' and 'You Democrats destroy America!'

The outburst followed two hours of testimony from parents, grandparents and religious leaders, which ranged from indignant and pleading to tearful and angry. 

It took 20 minutes for Chairman Herb Conaway, D-Burlington, also the bill's sponsor, to read the names of opponents who declined to testify.

Under the bill, families who avoid getting their children shots based on religious grounds would have to submit a notarized letter explaining how vaccinations violates their faith.

The opponents called the proposal burdensome, intrusive and discriminatory, and sharply questioned why the government had the right to judge their beliefs."

How indeed?  How does a career politician like Moe Conaway -- a true bottom-feeder -- set himself up in judgment over the religious beliefs of the very taxpayers who pay for his salary and perks? 

Currently New Jersey's religious exemption requires only that parents send the school district a letter stating that vaccines violate their family's religious beliefs.  School districts granted more than 10,000 students, or 2 percent of the student population, religious exemption during the 2016-17 academic year, according to the New Jersey Department of Education.

Conaway's legislation (A-3818) says parents who want to claim a religious exemption must submit a notarized statement to the school explaining how permitting their child to be vaccinated "would violate, contradict, or otherwise be inconsistent" with a tenet or practice. 

The letter must show the parents' request is not solely based on "political, sociological, philosophical, or moral views, or concerns related to the safety or efficacy of the vaccination."

The parents also must include a statement that says they understand the risks and benefits of vaccines, and that the Health Commissioner may exclude their unvaccinated child from school in the event of a communicable disease threat.

Finally, a doctor or other medical professional designated by the state must verify in writing the parents have been counseled to the risks of declining vaccine for their child, according to the bill.

Conaway said the bill was "common sense based on science" -- which is exactly what the Medical Industrial Establishment said when they told us that opioids were safe to use.

It's not common sense.  It is greed.  It is government compelling you to pay for a product.  Every crony capitalist wants a deal like this.

The bill is now going to the full 80-member Assembly.