Andy Kim touts poll by "dark money" nonprofit

Andy Kim -- the guy who owns a million dollar home in Washington, DC, with his lawyer spouse but who rents a place in New Jersey so that he can run here -- took to social media yesterday and put out a press release from his campaign.

Kim claimed that a poll was done for him by a Democrat corporate interest group called Patriot Majority USA.  This group is funded by gambling industry giants like MGM Resorts and Harrahs, as well as public school teachers unions.

The Pulitzer award winning Center for Public Integrity called Patriot Majority USA a "liberal heavyweight fueled by secret, big-dollar donors."  The Center, which won Pulitzers in 2014 and 2017 for its investigative  reporting on money in politics, called  Patriot Majority USA a "dark money nonprofit... that’s not supposed to be primarily political."

The Center for Public Integrity wrote:  "Although it describes itself as a grassroots group, a single $6 million donation from an unnamed source made up one-fourth of Patriot Majority USA’s $23 million... More than half of its haul, $12 million, came from anonymous donors that gave more than $1 million each, its tax return indicates."

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care is another major source of funds for Patriot Majority USA.  This is a trade association representing for-profit nursing care operators and its founding members include the nation's 11 largest nursing home operators "who want reduced  federal regulation." 

Texas prosecutors charged the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care with violating the law against corporate campaign contributions.  The Alliance has denied wrongdoing and the case has not yet been resolved.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, Patriot Majority USA told the IRS "it didn’t plan to hire employees and would instead rely on a 'large base of volunteers' to developing and disseminating the organization’s message.  This hasn’t proven true. The organization reported no volunteers last year and paid its founder and president, Craig Varoga, $144,053 last year for 25 hours of work per week... Other expenses reported include $11.6 million on a 'media buy,' $2.5 million for direct mail production and $1.5 million on voter registration efforts."

What's up Andy?  These groups you are hanging with are manure-class fronts.  After putting out a press release with these guys on it, Andy Kim is going to need a bath.