Andy Kim keeps exaggerating his experience to cover up his lack of it.

Democrat Andy Kim's campaign just keeps putting out bullshit.  In a press release yesterday, they issued this statement from the hero of the Battle of the Little Big Horn himself:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.52.36 AM.png

But the press release this statement was attached to was about a poll done for Andy Kim by a corrupt "dark money" group.  According to the Pulitzer award winning Center for Public Integrity, the group -- Patriot Majority USA -- was "fueled by secret, big-dollar donors."  The Center, which won Pulitzers in 2014 and 2017 for its investigative  reporting on money in politics, wrote that despite its claims to be "grassroots...  This hasn’t proven true. The organization reported no volunteers last year."

The kind of "special interests" Kim's friends represent are among the scummiest of the scum and include the gambling industry and the eleven biggest owners of for-profit nursing homes.  You know, the guys who penny-pinch on the care and feeding of vulnerable seniors in order to buy a wardrobe of $3,000 suits.

But never mind, because it is all in a good cause -- and that's the cause of Andy "war zone" Kim, the hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Marines who have done six tours overseas do not talk about "war zones" as much as our Andy does.  It's an awful lot coming from somebody who never served a day in uniform and who is deathly afraid of guns... even toy guns.

Even more than "war zones" Kim likes to throw around the phrase "situation room" -- so much so that we debated whether or not to call him, "The Situation."

We just think we'll call him "the great cornholio".  It captures Andy Kim's ambitions, celebrity delusions, pathological self-regard, and perfect lack of commitment to his adopted state... aka the state he rents a house in (NJ) while keeping that million dollar condo in DC.

Tell us your choice:  "War Zones"; "The Situation": or Great Cornholio... which do you prefer?