Did DiGaetano forget his embrace of Roy Moore surrogate Gorka?

Are people simply more forgetful in Bergen County than elsewhere?

Last week, we had to remind Democrat Senator Loretta "Mother Roach" Weinberg that she was condemning a Republican town committeewoman for something Democrat Governor Phil Murphy did last year.  Of course, when Murphy used the "N" word (in this case "Nazi") he was using it to describe Republican President Donald Trump, so Weinberg wet herself with glee. 

Republicans can be trashed using any kind of language you want to use -- and that is acceptable to people like Mother Roach -- but don't you dare use it to describe a Democrat.  If you do, you will be called upon to resign!

Now anyone who has ever known or worked for Paulie "the hand" DiGaetano knows that he is anything but an angel -- and while he is not quite up there with a certain former Senate President, he is not without sin.  Who is? 

That's why it is so laughable when someone as oily as DiGaetano slimes up to the preacher's pulpit to deliver a lecture on morality.  Yes, on Sunday, the doyen of the brylcreem set reached out to the "mastermind" of BridgeGate and asked him to post a letter to his fellow chairmen in the 5th congressional district.

DiGaetano, who would regularly instruct his operatives to crawl into his opponents' underpants, wrote that he was morally outraged because the opponent of his hand-picked candidate for Congress had allegedly used some choice language to describe a former Democrat candidate and avowed Obama supporter.  And all this allegedly happened more than a decade ago!

Oh my, to be forgotten all those intervening years... What must have occurred to raise it to Paulie's consciousness again.  Ah yes, an election.   So this is less about moral outrage, than it is about the scumbaggery of contrived illusion. 

DiGaetano resorts to a strong arm tactic -- threatening the chairs that their careers will be smeared if they don't do as he asks.  This is a real dick of a move and Paulie plays it up with extreme dickery:

"All of us must be on record denouncing this hurtful and offensive statement or all of your years of collective service as leaders will be forever smeared." 

Really?  How many of these guys have denounced Trump or Christie or Bush or Whitman... or any of the other Republicans they were told they "must denounce" over the years.  This is an asshole Democrat tactic and typically the only person with an ethical skidmark in his shorts is the one demanding it.

But this is Paulie DiGaetano... so it gets better.

Paulie then goes on to write:  "The Republican Party cannot afford to nominate another Roy Moore." 

Again... Really?  Wasn't Sebastian Gorka a huge Roy Moore supporter and cheerleader?  If we're not mistaken, wasn't Gorka one of the crew Roy Moore kept up his bunghole for emergencies -- to defend him?  Wasn't Gorka with Roy Moore the night before the big election, rallying up the troops, telling them that Roy Moore couldn't lose?

And isn't this the same Sebastian Gorka that Paulie's man "Stumbling John" McCann brought up to do McCann's big fundraiser in Bergen County?  Didn't Paulie and all his acolytes take turns fanning Gorka's ass.  Didn't they all praise him as the brightest and the best?

Last we checked, didn't they give him a medal or something and make him horse of the year?

Did Paulie forget?  Is his memory convenient... or is it genuinely screwed?  Next time... before you go and play the part of a windy moralistic pissbag... think about what you did the week or two before.