Will investigation derail Eustace's appointment?

Word comes to us that the Doyen of the LGBT caucus -- Tim Eustace (AKA Brother Eustace, Major Eustace, the Kingfish, Great White...) -- shouldn't get too comfy in that new six-figure job of his.  Eustace's new job puts him in charge of water supplies in northern New Jersey. 

Eustace -- an ally of Sussex Democrats Kate Matteson and Gina Trish, and friend to Bergen politicos like Josh Gottheimer and John McCann -- was appointed by Governor Murphy as the deputy director of North Jersey District Water Supply Commission.  The appointment was considered by many as a "consolation prize" for his being blocked for the State Senate, after a vacancy opened.  Just why he was blocked is still unclear.

Sources confirm that multiple ethics violations are being prepared -- and perhaps a New Jersey Election Law Enforcement (NJELEC) violation as well.   Some of this appears to involve the former Assemblyman's use of money raised for his re-election campaign to send a staffer to Nepal with a stop-over in Dubai.  It appears that Eustace accompanied the staffer on the far-east excursion. 

Dinner in Dubai?
What's up with these Democrats?
Now take a look at this...


So let's get this straight.  Democrat Assemblyman Tim Eustace collects money from special interests, so that he and his legislative aide can fly around the world to do what?  You are a state legislator, not a congressman.  New Jersey doesn't have a foreign policy.

It looks like the former Democrat Assemblyman has some explaining to do. 

Are these Democrats aware that Nepal is one of the worst centers for human trafficking and modern slavery in the world?  While dining with some bigwigs there did they know that, according to the U.S. State Department, "the government of Nepal does not fully comply with minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking"?  Here is more, from Wikipedia:

"Human trafficking in Nepal is a growing criminal industry affecting multiple other countries beyond Nepal, primarily across Asia and the Middle East.   Nepal is mainly a source country for men, women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking... Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, second to drug dealing and tied with arms dealing."

"Trafficking victims often are taken to locations within Nepal, often from rural areas to the urban centers. Mainly young girls and women are trafficked for sexual exploitation in places such as cabin/dance restaurants, massage parlors, and other places within tourism sector... Within Nepal, labor trafficking is also common: victims often end up in carpet and garment factories, embroidering sweatshops, brick-kilns, and others." 

"The trafficking of girls from Nepal into India for forced prostitution is perhaps one of the busiest slave trafficking routes anywhere in the world, with estimated 5,000-10,000 Nepali women and girls trafficked to India each year.   An estimated 100,000-200,000 Nepali trafficked persons are in India.   Nepali girls are especially desirable as prostitutes in India because they are considered more attractive due to their lighter skin color, and because Nepali virgins are believed to be able to cure AIDS.   Victims are also trafficked for labor in circuses, agriculture, and other manufacturing sectors.   The 1850 kilometers of open, porous border between Nepal and India make trafficking simple and difficult to catch.   In addition, there is no immigration control for Nepalese migrating to India or Indians coming in Nepal under the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty between India and Nepal.   In addition to being a destination, India is also a transit country for Nepalese and Bangladeshi women trafficked to Pakistan, Western Asia, and the Middle East and for women trafficked from the Russian Federation to Thailand."  

"Victims, especially girls and women, are trafficked to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states.   Experts believe China is also becoming an emerging hub for Nepali victims.   Many victims who end up overseas are passed through India first before their final destinations... Girls are sold to brothels at prices ranging from 50,000 to 70,000 Indian rupees.   The younger the girl, the higher the price she will be sold for.   Once sold, the girls are property of the brothel owner until they can pay back the amount that was paid for them... One study reported that girls were forced to serve an average of 14 clients per day, with a minimum of three and a maximum of 40 men."

It is a very sad thing to see members of New Jersey's political class -- rich, liberal, and fortunate-to-have-been-born-in-America -- turn a blind eye to their impoverished sisters overseas.  Very sad indeed.