If McCann's event was any smaller he could have held it in a restroom stall.

As he haplessly makes his way to the filing deadline, "Stumbling John" McCann held a hilariously under-attended fundraising event this evening.  To fill the room McCann resorted to bringing in a Democrat political consultant and managed to get just enough people for a seance.


Just who they were conjuring up is anyone's guess.  We believe it to be the ghost of Nelson Rockefeller.

Meanwhile, over at Steve Lonegan's campaign, they were basking in the aftermath of a very successful fundraiser headlined by national conservative Republican leader Steve Forbes.  Instead of sitting next to a Democrat and some guy who was fired by Trump, like McCann was, Steve Lonegan was standing with Steve Forbes and Senator Gerry Cardinale (R-39) -- and Lonegan's event was attended by over 100 major donors.

Poor "Stumbling John"... foiled again!