Passaic GOP outcome was more Putin than Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin's 77% win is being disputed as "fixed" and "undemocratic" by most Western observers.  Elections in modern democracies simply don't go that way.  Ronald Reagan won the biggest landslide in modern American history with 59% of the vote. 

Putin should have taken lessons from Passaic County GOP boss Peter Murphy, who engineered even more lop-sided wins for his chosen slate last week.  If Putin's 77% win was labeled "suspect" -- then what about the 82% Peter Murphy got for John McCann... or the 91% for Bob Hugin... or the 78% for Tony Ghee? 

And get a load of this.  There are 55,973 Republicans in Passaic County.

Guess how many got to vote in Peter Murphy's election?


23 out of 55,973

That's not an American election. 

The metro-sexual wing of the YR's obviously needs an education in basic American civics, because these assbandits called Peter Murphy's abomination an "election" and compared these 23 hand-picked insiders to the United States Congress.  Two examples should clear the dung from their brains.  When a vacancy occurs in the Legislature and that district's elected county committee members of the vacating legislator's party are called to appoint a successor, that person is never said to have been "elected" but rather, "selected".

New Jersey has an unelected judiciary, despite the fact that members of the State Senate vote on each nominee put forward by the Governor.  John McCann is telling yet another stupid lie when he puts out trash to the contrary.  But then, he is uniquely stupid fellow.

As for Peter Murphy, let's remember what then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie had to say about the critter:  "We are pleased with the end result here – that Mr. Murphy served a considerable amount of time in prison for crimes which he has finally acknowledged committing as Republican party chairman in Passaic County... For those crimes, Mr. Murphy has lost his prestige and power, nearly a year of freedom and now is a convicted felon."

Hey, get rid of all that Irish music you play at Murph's Bar and put on something that reflects who you really are...

John McCann and Peter Murphy... giving new meaning to the term "red state".