NJ for Change Leftist "likes" Murphy support of McCann

The United States of America vs. Peter A. Murphy, Chairman of the Passaic County Republican Committee, makes for great bedtime reading, and we recommend it heartily.  No need to rush out and get your own copy.  Your humble scribes here will be serializing it, along with pertinent legal commentary, in the weeks ahead.

Last night, the "boss" of the GOP "family" in Passaic County politics showed once again that he could ensure that his captains would follow him.  Like they did a few weeks ago, when they removed the bar to convicts serving as leaders of their committee, they dutifully did what they were told.

Of course, John McCann was happy, as was the metro-sexual wing of the YR's, as was the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County, as were the Democrat guides and camp-followers involved in the McCann effort, as was... Saily Avelenda.

Who is Saily Avelenda?  Why she's the banker and corporate lawyer who helped bring down Republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen.  A member of the One-Percent, she's a founder of her own SuperPAC as well as being a leader in the far-Left NJ for Change movement. 

Yes, Saily Avelenda gave her endorsement to "Stumbling John" McCann getting the endorsement of Peter "the critter" Murphy.  She liked it!

Her endorsement appeared just before that of Giancarlo Ghione, Bergen boss Paulie DiGaetano's pet boy. 

Now why would a far-Left activist have an opinion on something like that???

It kinda makes you wonder.

By the way, check out this post on Saily's group's page...


That's who is backing John McCann.