Is GSE's Chris Fuscarino the face of modern Fascism?

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Read the statement below.  It could have been written in the 1930's by a guy named Ernst Rohm. 


Friend, moments ago the Birth Certificate Bill, a bill vetoed multiple times by Governor Chris Christie, passed the Senate!

This is great news for LGBT equality in New Jersey!

One thing is bothering me, though. 7 Senators voted against the bill. Senators Bucco, Conners, Doherty, Holzapfel, Oroho, Pennacchio, and Thompson all decided to stand on the wrong side of history and spat in the face of every LGBT resident in our state.

Together, we are going to take their negativity and turn it into something positive that helps our community.

The bill now needs to pass in the Assembly and then it heads to Governor Murphy's desk for signing!

[Donate] to send a message to any Assembly person that plans to vote against Equality, we get stronger when you stand against us!

Thank you for your support,

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Christian Fuscarino
Executive Director
Garden State Equality

"The wrong side of history"???

It was said of Churchill and of all those who counseled resistance to that modern and "inexorable" movement of the last century. 

Did GSE's Fuscarino lift that directly from Mrs. Charles Lindbergh's book, The Wave of the Future, A Confession of Faith?

GSE's Fuscarino suggests that there can be no discussion, no disagreement, that the Golden Ass has replaced the old God and we are now dominated by a cultural paradigm that is both Post-Christian and Post-Western.  Aside from being profoundly juvenile to expect a world in which everyone holds the same opinion, it is starkly authoritarian.  Not content with that, GSE's Fuscarino plays the LGBT storm trooper and goes a step further by threatening those who even consider voting their conscience.

In the July 1941 Issue of Foreign Affairs, The Wave of the Future, was panned for its meek surrender to the bullies of Fascism:

"This is one of the most controversial books to appear in recent years, and one of the most difficult to appraise. In substance, Mrs. Lindbergh's thesis is that the great fact of history, the law of life, is eternal and inexorable change, that we are now in one of the great periods of rapid and profound change, and that it is therefore the better part of wisdom -- for Americans as well as for all other peoples -- to accept this process, whatever it may be, and not to fight against it.

The 'wave of the future,' as it presents itself to Mrs. Lindbergh, is totalitarian, and in her eyes there is no use in our trying, Canute-like, to stem it. The net effect of Mrs. Lindbergh's book, perhaps unintentional, is even more destructive than the mechanistic approach to life expounded by her husband because it furnishes a sort of vade mecum for the defeatists. One of the most disturbing things about this sincere, and in some respects courageous, little volume is its evasion of some of the real issues, particularly the moral ones. It carries the subtitle 'A Confession of Faith,' but it is precisely faith that the author seems to lack."

Of course, Western culture withstood that "Wave of the Future" and prevailed as it would later prevail over Communism -- itself presented as part of the unstoppable march of history. 

The truth is, all these things that appear "new" are in fact "old".  It is just that people like GSE's Chris Fuscarino are so ignorant of history that they don't know it.  Their progress consists of rummaging through the attic of mankind's past, to find clothes that appear exotic, but are in fact relics from the past.  The ignorant do this endlessly in their chase for fashion.

As the writer and philosopher (and liberal Democrat, Hillary Clinton supporter, and openly lesbian) Camille Paglia explains, we have been here before and are simply going through another one of mankind's "Great Re-Learnings."

Fashion.  The honorable members of the New Jersey Legislature should think before succumbing to fashion, no matter how much money they are promised for doing so.  Because rest assured, fashion will change.