Friedman rides to the aid of PoliticsNJ pal Raj Mukherji

Earlier today, Matt Friedman, the writer/vendor/lobbyist (for Politico makes money doing all three) came to the defense of his old colleague from PoliticsNJ, Raj Mukherji.  Within hours he was joined by David Wildstein, the former editor of PoliticsNJ who wrote under the name "Wally Edge". 

Back at the old Publius Group -- the outfit that owned and operated PoliticsNJ --  Raj Mukherji was Wildstein's second in command, where he and Friedman hung out with such handjobs as Steve Kornacki and Tom Druce.  Remember him?  Druce killed a homeless guy.  Just ran him over on the street and when the cops came he told them he had hit a deer.  What a wonderful guy!  And at the head of them all was Wildstein, the so-called "mastermind" behind Bridgegate, followed by Raj Mukherji.  Yeah, this guy...

And now these moes are running interference on behalf of Democrat Senator Troy "the man" Singleton.  That's right, the same Troy Singleton who was Speaker Joe Roberts' bagman.  Yep, that Joe Roberts.  The Democrat who, after raising property taxes in New Jersey moved to Republican-controlled Florida to escape high property taxes.  Roberts has his state pension check forwarded there, so he's still screwing us.  Troy was with this guy and now he complains about another legislator's Dukes of Hazard tattoo?  That's some balls you have, Troy, some balls.

And Troy, admit it, as a red-blooded man you used to perk up when Daisy Duke came on the screen... come on Troy... admit it.