For an "outsider" Ghee has some strange bedfellows

By Rubashov

We don't know Anthony Ghee. 

Ghee calls himself an "outsider."  If he is, then he is the weirdest outsider in memory -- one who has taken great care to surround himself with, and seek the anointment of, the strangest collection of questionable characters since Dr. Moreau's Island of Lost Souls. 

Ghee openly acknowledges that he was recruited by party bosses, one of whom had some trouble a few years back with the federal government for what can politely be termed "public corruption."  We thought this fellow's re-entry into politics would stay below the radar.  We thought he'd be cool.  But it looks like he wants to swing his pecker into places that are decidedly un-machine. 

Now this particular boss has a chairman under his thumb who actually worked against the incumbent conservative Republican congressman in 2016 and provided great assistance to the liberal Democrat -- now Congressman -- Josh Gottheimer.  Following his master, this creature has enthusiastically thrown his support to Anthony Ghee. 

So have others.  Supplicants all (as will be demonstrated in great detail, so please, stay tuned).

The curious thing about this fellow -- the boss, not his creature -- is that he has decidedly bi-partisan tastes.  One would expect a stricter diet from someone who fashions himself the boss of a particular party, but this fellow is an omnivore. 

He's the kind of Republican who hangs out with the Murphys -- Phil and Tammy, that is -- and that was when Phil was starting out his campaign.  The boss enjoys hiring Democrat operatives for his vassals' campaigns.  And his best buddy/ business partner is a county boss himself -- albeit a Democrat.  They do lots of deals together... perhaps Ghee is one of them?

Word has it that this boss would gladly swap a congressional seat for the chance to keep the county clerk's office.  The boss, this fellow, can count the patronage jobs at the county clerk's office.  What he can't comprehend is the damage that turning Congress over to a Leftist Democrat majority would do to the United States of America.  As he isn't the boss of the United States of America, he doesn't care.

For 2018, the Democrats have clearly made playing in the Republican Primary a priority.  We have witnessed the unprecedented emergence of "machine" candidates to block the rise of Republican candidates who clearly represent the views of the GOP's conservative base.  It happened in the neighboring 5th District, where godfather-wannabe Paulie DiGaetano engineered the candidacy of "Stumbling John" McCann.  McCann cared so little for party opinion, that he actually began campaigning while still working for the Democrat Sheriff.   And the Sheriff has endorsed the incumbent Democrat!  So have a number of other McCann "supporters."

The boss doesn't understand ideas and ideology makes him uncomfortable.  He counts philosophy among the diseases.  So he is no conservative, is he?  He went so far as to forbid his county clerk from filling out a Right-to-Life questionnaire during her re-election campaign.  Remember, the boss understands patronage jobs, not ideas.  He would exchange our Party's Platform for a list of elected officials and the number of patronage jobs assigned to each of them.  Is this really who we want to be selecting REPUBLICAN candidates for Congress?

It was one thing for him to be the petty terror of a town... or even a county, but now he wants to determine the balance of the United States Congress.   So how should we confront such an existential threat to both our Party and our Republic?

Rubashov asked some conservative activists for their ideas and they offered these:  (1) They said to write about him... endlessly.  Fashion him into a nice plug of lead to fit around the necks of those he anoints.  And as he threatens the entire country, take him national.  (2) Debate him, drag him out into the sunlight, make the puppet master talk.  (3) Run a conservative reformer in the general election... for county clerk.  After all, in a world with more than two genders, there's no reason for having just two parties.