Did John McCann lie about his role in ClintonCare?


For months we've been hearing congressional candidate John McCann brag about stopping Hillary Care from happening in the 1990's.  The story goes that as a college intern (or "fellow" as he puts it) John McCann claims to have been responsible for ending Hillary Care... yep, all by himself.  McCann claims to have come up with a graph.  That's right.  A graph. 

First, a graph is just a prop -- a visual aid that a speaker makes come alive. 

McCann has been behaving like a self-important, overblown junior academic.  By pointing to himself, taking credit, he is ignoring all the hard work of all those Senators and Congressman and Rush Limbaugh and talk radio and the medical professionals and all those thousands of conservative activists and all the reams of studies and research and opinion pieces and thousands of graphs of all those conservative and libertarian think tanks -- not to mention the Republican legal staffs of both the House and the Senate.  Nope, not them... it was "me" says McCann. 

Second, it wasn't his graph.  The Senator he was interning for -- liberal Republican Arlen Specter -- gave credit to the graph's creator in a speech on the floor of the Senate.  Her name was mentioned in a Washington Post article. 

C-Span caught the whole thing... and now it is part of history. 

The web link below from C-Span is an 11-hour video of the U.S. Senate Floor on January 27, 1994.


At two hours and thirty minutes (2:30) into it, Senator Specter speaks on the issue and appears with his huge chart.  About six minutes into his speech, he explains that staffer Sharon Helfant was responsible for creating it.  He goes on to explain how the Washington Posthad a story a day earlier mentioning Helfant and her role in developing the chart.  

Yep, C-Span caught the whole thing... and now it is part of history.  That history doesn't jive with the way congressional candidate John McCann has been bragging.