Soros hack disagrees with Lonegan's call for prayer

By Rubashov

The Huffington Post... named for a somewhat sad, but very rich, white lady, whose search for celebrity is a kind of cautionary tale.  The name itself, a cry for attention.  

Over the weekend, the now foreshortened HuffPost (for that fame purchased is soon forgotten) launched an attack on the idea that prayer is a reasonable response to the inexplicable.  The target was that redoubtable warrior of the right -- Steve Lonegan -- father of the modern conservative movement in New Jersey.  The delivery system, one Amanda Terkel, late of the George Soros-backed... United Arab Emirates-backed... Walmart-backed... Citigroup-backed Center for American Progress.

Terkel is what passes for a journalist today.  A once proud profession, hollowed out, they travel in schools, mouths open, looking to attract the bait.  The lucky ones get to swallow a greasy plug of warm cash (courtesy of those corporations, foreign governments, "investors", and their like, mentioned above).  They console themselves with having "a writing job."  Yes, it is that.  For the moment.

Terkel is no Glenn Greenwald.  Her leash is obvious.  But at least she gets the spelling right.  Containing all the requisite snark, she leaves out the questions.  No place for curiosity.

Does prayer help?  Terkel appears to say no, that only "real" measures matter.  To end gun violence the government must make laws and send men with guns to enforce them.

Let government launch a war on gun violence -- like they did a war on drugs -- and all will be...

All will be... All will be?

Maybe it is time to grow up.  Put aside the fairy tale that government can protect us.

It cannot.  It will not.

And there are no sanctions if it fails to protect.  You cannot sue government because you died, not having a means to protect yourself, when the local rapist came a calling.  Again and again the American courts have ruled that government has no obligation to protect us. 

It is our responsibility and not our government's.  Which kind of makes sense.  Us being a Republic -- and, ideally, the government. 

Feudal peoples trade freedoms for the myth of protection.  Maybe that's what we are becoming. 

But the world grows more and more inexplicable.

Who can explain the epidemic of school shootings?  Or the epidemic of teachers sleeping with their students?  Or the sudden multiplication of genders... almost like an ad campaign, a product launch... new for this year... don't get passed by! 

Or those military-training-grade video games children learn on.  Or the 12,000 acts of violence the average child sees each year.  The 8,000 ersatz "murders" he and she witnesses by the time they leave elementary school.  It's been almost twenty years since President Bill Clinton released an investigation showing that violence was being intentionally marketed to children.

Or the modern slave trade which provides both cheap clothing and the sexual exploitation of children. 

Or the opioid epidemic.  Explain that again?  Who did that to us? 

Or the coming "show-down" with nuke-packed Russia -- brought to us by those same government intelligence services who assured us that there were WMD's in Iraq.  Only we'll surpass the dead and wounded in all Iraq in the first hour of such a "show-down."

In a world so inexplicable, maybe prayer isn't such a bad idea after all.