Planned Parenthood's Cannibal Comedienne wants your money

We live in interesting times.  Government and the corporate state -- which promoted the use of opioids before spending billions to address the resulting crisis -- is now busy promoting gender dysphoria, so that in a few years time they'll be asking the question:  Where have all the young men gone?

Of course, there are other forms of dysphoria -- branch outs from that promoted by government, the corporate state, and cultural "fashion" (aka marketing).  These include everything from old people who believe they are toddlers to human beings who "feel better" thinking they are cats... or lizards... or even dragons (even though dragons are not "real" all one needs to make something "real" is to "feel").

So it should come as no surprise that, at a recent fundraising telethon held by supporters of Planned Parenthood, one woman -- a comedian -- "came out" as a cannibal, stating that laws banning the use of aborted fetuses in food products “would make me want to eat an aborted fetus.”  So is fetus the next sushi?  Don't put it past them.

We live in an era when you need a "consent app" to have sex but will soon be able to eat your fellow man.  How long until this culture disappears up its own bunghole?

Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-39) is continuing her call to see the financial records of Planned Parenthood.  Schepisi is actually a supporter of funding Planned Parenthood, so her call to see the organization's financial records is not part of the Pro-Life/Pro-Abortion divide.  It is just good fiscal sense to find out how an outfit spends its money before the administration of Democrat Phil Murphy goes and throws millions in taxpayers' money at funding it.

“It’s $7 million of public money and if they are unable or incapable of providing something such as a budget,  they should not receive a dollar of public money until they’re willing to do so,” Schepisi told NJ TV.

We understand that for the uneducated few, Planned Parenthood is synonymous with "women's health."  But it's not.  It is only one of many providers all jostling for market share.

No, you say?  It's a non-profit organization?  Sure, and so was the NFL.  And so are a lot of organizations that make billions and pay their executives millions.  Setting up as a "not-for-profit corporation" is simply a business model -- it's not an "I'm not greedy" pass.

And Planned Parenthood is greedy.  It wants total market share.  That's why it organized the way does -- to spend millions on lobbyists and even more on grassroots marketing -- to convince American women that only they provide the services that, in fact, hundreds of other organizations provide.  We're sure Macy's would like to have the same deal.

Planned Parenthood uses well-paid lobbyists and political pressure to secure government money with as little questions asked as possible.  They want to keep all the vittles for themselves and starve their competition.  Planned Parenthood wants to have a monopoly -- and we all know what that does to consumers and taxpayers.  Consumers pay more and have less choice.  Taxpayers get ripped-off.

Planned Parenthood is a classic case of crony capitalism, delivered by that master of Wall Street chicanery himself... Governor Goldman-Sachs 2.0, Phil Murphy.

As Murphy's Wall Street pals cut through middle America like a scythe, Murphy's party is out there dividing the working  class majority along lines of race and ethnicity and gender, hoping that they won't notice the suppository being forced upon them.  Keep them fighting amongst themselves, says Murphy.