Assemblyman Wolfe: Another of those “different” kind of Republicans?

What ever happened to the Republican Party being the party of local citizen control of education?  What ever happened to the Republican Party that opposed big government mandates?

Apparently, in New Jersey at least, the Republican Party is of a mixed mind on these once universally agreed upon principles.  See, this is why they lose.  Nobody can tell what they stand for anymore.

The Democrats today in committee – all of them – in lockstep, voted to send to the floor A-1335 (S-1569) which MANDATES that local school boards, paid for by local property taxpayers (unless you are a Democrat Party machine-controlled Abbott District), adopt a new curriculum that is centered on the accomplishments of individuals based on their physical disabilities and sexual preferences.  Once upon a time, average Republican voters could have expected ALL of their elected representatives to oppose such an overreach by a central government.

Now everyone can agree that Dr. Alan Turing OBE was a great mathematician and scientist.  Whether or not his sexual appetite figured into his great mental capacity is speculative, but he should be honored and remembered for his achievements in science and in war – not for how he got off.  That was his personal business.  Of course, the post-war Labour government never forgave him for being Churchill’s man.  The Left was obsessed with the private affairs of Dr. Turing (who, by-the-way, earned his doctorate at Princeton University). 

Today the Left is still more obsessed with Dr. Turing’s penis that with his brain – and while his penis may or may not have been particularly interesting, it was the quality of his mind that earned him a place in history.  Now the New Jersey Legislature – Democrats (all) and Republicans (some) – is set on elevating Dr. Turing’s penis above his brain.  Demanding that we see his sexuality before his science.  That’s sad… and puerile… and stupid.   

Dr. Turing was victimized by a Labour government because they could not get past his being a “gay” man.  They refused to see the scientist and insisted on only seeing the sex act.  Today a committee of the New Jersey Assembly has asked the full Legislature to mandate that children be taught to see the sex act before the human accomplishment.  Today a committee of the New Jersey Assembly has gone on record to state that what you do with your pecker and who you do it with is the principal measure of a man.  They are on record as stating that it is more important than our common humanity, than our shared aspirations, than the greatest accomplishments of science and art.  They’re like a bunch of high school wankers… obsessed with their new toy.  They can think of nothing else… can’t get past it.

It’s sad… puerile… and stupid.   

This foolish over-reach by big government has already been passed by the State Senate, courtesy of those three moes… Senators Addiego, Bateman, and Brown. 

So when will the Republican Party step up and speak for citizen control of local education?  When will it start opposing big government mandates?