Bhimani and Draeger: Mikie Sherrill’s sore winners.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 10.43.10 PM.png

What a couple of cretins!  

Okay, you did your weekly Antifa routine in front of his office and upset the old guy so much that his doctor told him to give it up.  Hoorah! You tormented a man whose public service began in the jungles of Vietnam and drove him out of office.

Then you beat his party’s nominee with a candidate who masqueraded as a suburban Republican – a veteran, tough on crime prosecutor, and all American mom (hey, where’s that slice of apple pie?).  But that wasn’t good enough for the kind of Antifa gals who enjoy pulling the wings off flies.

You had to show up to his office on his last day open – and act like assholes.  Well good for you. You showed all the world what measure of class and grace you possess.