Lisa Bhimani tries to have it both ways on abortion

Voters can’t stand a bullshitter.

They can’t stand it when somebody manipulates them, makes a false appeal, and then steals their vote. 

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if politicians simply told us what they believe, how they think, and let the chips fall where they may.  Instead, many politicians behave like high school kids trying to score a date.  They’ll say anything to get a “yes”.  And afterwards… they won’t return your text. 

When she ran for the state Legislature – just last year – Lisa Bhimani told Emily’s List what they wanted to hear.  She told them that she was Pro-Abortion and wanted more money for Planned Parenthood. 

Now Emily’s List is an organization that is very straightforward about who they are.  They describe themselves this way:  “We elect pro-choice (on abortion) Democratic women to office.” 

On top of the Emily’s List endorsement, Lisa Bhimani also got the endorsement of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey.  It’s pretty clear what they are about too. 

So how come at her announcement on Monday afternoon, Lisa Bhimani told several of her Pro-Life supporters that she stood with them on abortion?  She blamed having to run as a Democrat for the reason she had to adopt the positions she did.  “You do know that I am running on the Democrat ticket?”  That’s the excuse she gave.

Bhimani, a medical doctor, was very explicit in assuring one supporter that she “never performed a late term abortion.”  Oh, “late term” – what about abortion, full stop?  This is curious because she was trained as an OB-GYN doctor.  

She said that she hadn’t read the 20-20 bill (babies feel pain at 20 weeks bill) that would bring New Jersey’s abortion laws into line with Europe and the rest of the civilized world, but again… you know, that running as a Democrat thing… her campaign handlers would probably say it was a no-no. 

You can respect someone for thinking about an issue and then forming an opinion.  But what Bhimani is doing is bullshit.  Trying to have it both ways, all ways.

And do we really need another bullshit politician in Trenton?