Grassroots groups hit anti-religious bigotry in Democrat Murphy administration.

Two grassroots organizations have stepped up today and spoke out in defense of religious liberty.   The New Jersey Conservative GOP has joined the New Jersey Coalition of Pastors and Ministers in calling for the firing of Governor Phil Murphy Staffer Noemi Velazquez, for her anti-Christian, anti-Evangelical remarks. Noemi Velazquez referred to Republican policymakers in Washington as “Evangelical assholes!”

In a press release today, Paul Danielczyk – President of the NJ Conservative GOP – noted:  

“Such a vile bigoted anti-Christian remark by a state employee has no place in New Jersey government! Velazquez was given a 10-day suspension and will be required to undergo a sensitivity re-training!  A ten-day suspension is not feasible or acceptable for such disgusting remarks and she should be removed immediately!”

“This would send a clear-cut message that New Jersey government has no tolerance for anti-Christian bigotry. I’m stunned by the lack of attention given to this ugly bias from the legislature’s leadership of both parties!”

“Our organization calls on party leaders Sweeney, Coughlin, Kean and Bramnick to call on the governor for the removal of Noemi Velazquez. No religious affiliation should be treated to such revolting prejudice and that INCLUDES Christianity. ” Danielczyk concluded.

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