200 pastors in Trenton yesterday: The GOP misses an opportunity.

200 ministers in trenton.jpg

More than two hundred circles of influence came to Trenton yesterday.  They came to the State Capitol to pray for the Garden State and for the Nation.  More than two hundred leaders who – at least once a week – stand before hundreds of like-minded people at gatherings held across the state, in small towns and big cities, to help them navigate the important decisions in their lives.  More than two hundred leaders…

But who was there to engage with them?  To provide them with ideas and to hear their concerns?

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Who is ever there?  Instead, they are left in a kind of echo-chamber.  Left to figure it out on their own.  And if their own ways sound more fire and brimstone than politic – whose fault is that?  After All, they are clerical people not politicians, and if politicians won’t break bread with them, talk to them, they are left only to themselves.  They in their hundreds and their flocks in their thousands and tens of thousands. 

Hey, how is that GOP turnout coming?  Good?  Or screwed?

Will lessons never be learned?

Acres of diamonds.  Acres of diamonds.  It’s sad.