Matteson & Trish get their head stuck up Max's bum

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Steve Oroho issued a statement that politely asked Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy to let voters know where he stands on the corruption case against United States Senator Bob Menendez (Democrat/NJ).  Senator Oroho made his request after an report that Murphy was remaining silent on the corruption trial of Senator Menendez, the Observer's Christian Hetrick quoting Murphy that "he hasn't thought about whether a convicted Senator should leave office."

Max Pizarro, formerly of the Observer group but now quarter-backing his own InsiderNJ blog, proceeded to take that story and insert Assemblyman Parker Space into it.  Even though his name doesn't appear anywhere in Senator Oroho's statement.

But it gets weirder. 

The two ANITFA twins -- "Dishonest Kate" Matteson and Gina "pussycat hat" Trish -- jumped at the chance to (in Pizarro's words) put a hook up someone's ass (like they did at Gettysburg or some shit like that).  While acknowledging that their opponent, Parker Space, has done nothing illegal, they still want him to face the same penalties as if he had committed some heinous crime.  Do the ANTIFA twins constitute their own lynch mob?  Good thing these two aren't using their ad-hoc judicial process to hand out death penalties  "We feel you've done something wrong, therefore you must suffer."

And speaking of suffering, check out the ANTIFA-inspired effort that their campaign is conducting against Space Farms and the Space family.  The Democrats are attempting to destroy a 90-year-old Sussex County institution with bad on-line reviews. harassing telephone calls, threats, liable, slander, and an organized boycott.  As is usual for the Democrats, instead of creating jobs they are trying to destroy them.

Now the kicker is that ANTIFA twin #1 and ANTIFA twin #2 puffed themselves up enough to call on Senator Oroho to "do something about corruption" in New Jersey.  Where have they been, you ask?  Well, you have to take into account that ANTIFA twin #1 only started voting in 2016 and ANTIFA twin #2 ain't much better. 

So we'll excuse them for not knowing that it is their party -- the Democrat Party -- that has held up reform in New Jersey.  That's why their running mate -- Jennifer Hamilton -- doesn't join them when they go ANTIFA.  Hamilton is the thinking Democrat.  The twins... not so much.

Take just this one example.  There are dozens more.  This year, on three separate occasions, the Democrats have blocked efforts by Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) to force a vote on legislation (S-1557) to forfeit the pensions of corrupt public officials.  “Time and again, Senate Democrats have voted to protect the pensions of corrupt public officials,” said Beck. “It’s inexplicable that they would continue to choose convicted officials over the taxpayers they represent.”

An investigation by the Asbury Park Press last year found at least 40 convicted criminals collecting state pension checks of up to $83,000 per year.

“The APP found a million dollars of taxpayer money going to corrupt public employees, including some found guilty on federal corruption charges,” added Beck. “Those are just the people they found, there are probably dozens more. If you violate the public trust, you don’t deserve a cushy retirement at taxpayer expense. Why is that so hard for Democrats to understand?”

Why indeed?