Democrats rally with wiccan symbol on flag


The flag carried by Sussex County Democrat at a recent rally in Newton Green suggests that these seven religious entities have equal standing and should be recognized as cultural equals in America.  Taken together, it is a stunning vision of what some believe the "new" America should be:

First, comes the Islamic crescent, on the ascent. 

Second, is the eastern symbol of peace.

Third, represents gender equality.

Fourth, is the Star of David.

Fifth, is the Wiccan symbol.  The pagan worship of Satan.

Sixth, is the Ying and Yang of Chinese Philosophy.

Seventh, is the Christian Cross.

Curiously, with all the debate going on about flags and "evil" it is interesting to note that the 12th principle of the 13 principles of Wicca deals with the rejection of "the concept of absolute evil."