Beware of know-it-alls from the House of Wally Edge

There is a lot of major league handjobbery going on these days from the former occupants of the House of Wally Edge.  You know the guys (no gals, just guys).  They were all trained by that know-it-all of know-it-alls, David "Mr. Bridgegate" Wildstein (aka Wally Edge). 

Whether they occupied positions at PoliticsNJ, or PolitickerNJ, or one of its state affiliates, these people all learned at the hand of Wally and they have all absorbed much of his arrogance.  Like Wally, his acolytes are political "players" disguised as journalists.  They take sides and then try to deliver winners and losers. 

This hubris has caused some to over-reach and to look ridiculous in even bigger settings.  Here is one of the more famous exercises in arrogant over-reach by a former inmate at the House of Wally Edge:

Get that?  Hillary Clinton in a landslide.