Should the Observer apologize for Wally Edge?

We all remember who the infamous David "Wally Edge" Wildstein turned to when he wanted to grow his blog into something that would land him a gig in the Christie administration.  Old Wally went to the Observer Group and got himself the dough that enabled him to go on to bigger things... like Bridgegate.

Christopher Hetrick, is a "journalist" for what was formerly the House of Wally Edge, and of what remains the House of Jared Kushner.  He writes for that outpost of the Observer Group that is the remnant of what was once Wally's domain.  And, we must say, that he is keeping it in Wally's tradition:  The political drive-by.

Chris Hetrick is currently pushing the line that we no longer have a right to personal privacy.  Hetrick's theory is that our private conversations and private thoughts should be subject to invasion by any old handjob with a recording device.  In Hetrick's world, there should be drones armed with recording devices hovering over our shoulder, ready to capture the slightest "offensive" remark so that he might pontificate over it.

Sounds pretty f**ked up, doesn't it?  Who would want to live in such a world?  Who shares Chris Hetrick's vision? 

Would Chris Hetrick even want to live in his world?  Certainly those we know who have written for PoliticsNJ or PolitickerNJ  or the Observer, certainly none of them would pass muster.  Not a one.  But perhaps Chris is a real convent girl, a virgin whose ears remain untouched by a commonplace like "bitch."

trust in media.jpg

The Observer is only the latest media organ to express mock horror at the word.  Al Doblin of the Gannett organization, fresh from presiding over the execution last week of his remaining workers, dutifully expressed his concerns.  If firing someone from his or her job is the capitalist equivalent of the death penalty, then Al Doblin is Mr. Death Penalty.  He destroys lives with relish.  No wonder he has to reassure himself of his "virtue" by pointing fingers at someone, anyone, else.

On Friday, the Newhouse organization -- who are in a kind of competition with Gannett for workers' lives destroyed -- found just the right tool for a little virtue signaling of their own.  The tool, and we do mean tool, in this case was David "the hand" D'Alessandro.  Yes, they selected a career sportswriter to deliver a moral lecture to a politician.  Talk about clueless. 

If you want to know how media coverage came to resemble the inside of a truck-stop shithouse, look no further than Dave D'Alessandro.  It was the nation's sportswriters who simultaneously dumbed-down and dirtied-up news coverage in America.  They brought in the foul language, the school yard humor, and the scatological references.  When it could have gone either way, they grabbed the America of the 1980's and headed straight down the toilet.  And now one of these dirtbags has the feral balls to complain about a word they sold to us and our children -- a word that they first normalized and then popularized?

Why not?  Like in any good noir novel, this is the last thing you see circling the bowl before it's all finally flushed to hell.

- - -

As a public service, your fellow sinners at Jersey Conservative would like to provide you with some facts that the Observer's Chris Hetrick purposefully suppressed.  That's right, Chris Hetrick was provided with these facts, but either followed orders or took it upon himself to suppress these facts.

FACT #1:  Unlike the Democrat State Senator who called Governor Christie a "prick" or the female Democrat State Senator who said she wanted to see President Trump assassinated, or the female United States Senator who dropped the f-bomb, what happened here was not public.  It was a private conversation between three people after a non-political event.  Private.  Get it? 

FACT #2:  A dirtbag snuck up and taped that private conversation.  He handed the tape over to the political campaign of Kate Matteson & Gina Trish, who reached out to a Trenton media figure and LGBTQRSTXYZ activist to circulate it.  So now that the media has rewarded dirtbag behavior, you can expect more of it.

FACT #3:  Chris Hetrick suppressed the following statement made by Jacqueline Stapel, the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Sussex County: 

"As an individual and a Sussex County resident, I am deeply offended that a private conversation amongst myself, Jennifer Hamilton, and Parker Space was secretly recorded and leaked to the media for cheap political gain.  As an American, I denounce its secret leakage and use by the media and political campaigns because it is undermining everyone’s privacy rights.

With underhanded tactics like this, it is no wonder why Democrats and Republicans have a more difficult time working together for the common good.

Parker Space is my friend.  I may not agree with him on issues, but that does not lead me to hate him.  Unfortunately some people can’t see the difference between disagreement and hate and it is denigrating our political discourse."

Get that Chris Hetrick?  You are not on the side of the angels, you are on the side of the dirtbags.  But hey, you write in Wally's tradition.  Just keeping in real?

- - -

Loretta Weinberg.jpg

Finally, someone needs to create a Loretta Weinberg Award in honor of the striking levels of hypocrisy achieved by the Senate Democrat Majority Leader.  Maybe we will.

Not content with leaving vulnerable women to die while being guarded by men armed-to-the-teeth, or shilling for a fellow Democrat who exported girls into the United States so that some rich old scumbag could have his way with them, or allowing thousands of children to be lured into sexual slavery because she won't post a bill to stop it -- now she's on her high horse, pontificating once again!  There is no filter on this old gal's mouth -- and that is probably because the media has never called her to account for anything she says.  Still, can this woman be that stupid?  Here is Loretta Weinberg's reaction to a Republican legislator saying the word "bitch" in a private conversation:

"Parker Space’s conduct is absolutely disgusting and his continued presence in the Legislature is an insult to not only every woman who serves in public office, but all of the millions of women in our state.”

Wait a minute... aren't we still waiting for her to demand that Democrat Assemblyman Neil Cohen resign for accessing child pornography from his legislative office?  Heck, that guy has been to jail and out and we are still waiting for Democrat Weinberg to say something.

And we are still waiting for Loretta Weinberg's statement on Democrat Assemblyman Raj Mukerji -- accused of stalking a woman victim and breaking into her home.  The Democrat later pleaded guilty to federal charges in another case, but still no word from Loretta and Assemblyman Mukerji is still in office.

Hey Loretta, if you were really who you have deluded yourself into thinking you are, you would've -- at the very least -- called for them BOTH to resign.  But you won't, because you are just an old hack politician.  No morals, no ethics, no integrity.

And Chris Hetrick... just another handjob enabler.