Mark Matzen used improperly obtained recordings

On Wednesday, the executive director of the Assembly Democrats issued a Fatwa on Republican Assemblyman Parker Space (Sussex-Warren-Morris) demanding in the name of his caucus that the Republican resign because he used a five-letter word:  B-I-T-C-H.  Curiously, Matzen was a key New Jersey apologist for William Jefferson Clinton when all those women were coming forward claiming to have been sexually molested by him in the 1990's. 

Let's be clear.  According to Mark Matzen, an elected official can use an intern for oral sex in the oval office, and he should NOT lose his job for that.  But if an elected official says the word "bitch" then Matzen just can't contain himself, loses his ass, and demands that he be fired.  UhhhHuh...

Matzen played the shill for the molester-in-chief, but he called Republican Space "an example of what can happen when a political party embraces the worst of human impulses and turns a blind eye to the ugliness brewing in its own backyard."  And you wonder why people think political spin artists like Matzen suck?  You wonder why people think those who employ them suck?

If using the word "bitch" is the "worse of human impulses," then where does that leave Mr. Elton John?

Or Meredith Brooks?

Matzen was only too happy to suck up money from his fellow Clinton sexual molestation apologists at  Get it.  It was right to "Move On" from the sucky sucky at the White House (everyone does it!) but you have to make a federal case out of the word "bitch" (how outrageous, nobody EVER uses THAT word...).  Funnier still is that Matzen himself is known for having a rather salty tongue and has been known to heap abuse of a far worse kind.  Matzen is a real champ when it comes to pissing on people.

We do not know from what source Matzen obtained his copy of the improper recording of a personal conversation between Parker Space and a friend, but it is clear that the friend -- a woman who happens to be the Executive Director of the Sussex County Democratic Committee -- is very unhappy that she and Parker had their privacy stripped from them by Matzen and his allies.

We note that this is not the first time that Matzen has come under fire for the improper use of a recording.  The last time involved a congressional candidate.  We hope a pattern is not forming.

We all remember how Democrats and, it must be said, some Republicans, spoke about Governor Christine Todd Whitman (and how even Democrat women chortled at this).  The hypocrisy, and the purple prose, and the false outrage are about as believable as a claim that the average Democrat legislator has never paid for sex.  And you know what that means?  It means that they probably participated in human trafficking -- the modern slave trade.

Now that is truly "disgusting conduct" and a "regressive worldview."  That shows a real "lack of respect for women" or anyone with less money and means than your average double-dipping Democrat.  It indicates that someone is "absolutely unfit for public office."  And, if we may use the words provided in a different context by Mark Matzen, such a legislator should be "denounced" and asked to "resign."  Those Legislative leaders who do not ferret out those among their caucus who use the innocent victims of human trafficking "are complicit in promoting" modern slavery.

So ends the sermon Mark Matzen should have delivered to his own people.  We wish him the best in uncovering the less than virtuous amongst his flock.  If he needs assistance, we will be happy to provide it.

In the meantime, if Democrat Matzen would truly like to do some good and show respect for women, end disgusting and regressive conduct, and show that he is fit for the office he holds, he could ask the Democrat caucus to allow the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act to the floor for a vote.  No purple prose, hysteria or hypocrisy... just let it come to a vote so that children may be saved from sexual slavery.