Loretta Weinberg stood by sucky sucky in the oval office

State Senate Democrat Leader Loretta Weinberg is a shameless old thing.  She sits and refuses to speed up firearms permits for women who need self-protection and watches as they are knifed to death in their driveways.  Oh well, it wasn't me, she consoles herself. 

Then Weinberg refuses to hold government accountable for failing to protect its citizens:  No, we don't need to protect you, she argues, and no, we won't let you protect yourselves.  Weinberg's message to people is this:  Die for my cause.

Of course, Weinberg posts on Facebook pictures of her in Israel surrounded by the men with guns who protect her.  She works in buildings protected by dozens of men with guns.  Loretta Weinberg LOVES guns... for her.  The rest of us can, well... die.  As a member of the Politburo, we should understand that she deserves more protection than the rest of us.  Her life is more valuable than the lives of your children.  Go Loretta!

Weinberg refuses to allow the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act to come to a vote.  Why?  Because it might cut into the profits of the donor class and money is more important than some kids being sold into sexual slavery.  Just change the subject and point to a flag... can you feel the virtue?

Loretta Weinberg's current outrage is over Republican Assemblyman Parker Space.  He said the word "bitch."  For this infraction, Weinberg has suggested that the Republican's nuts be placed in a jar and made an offering to her.  Rather barbaric but then she has never been one for culture.  Fashion statements, yes, culture, not so much.

Apparently, Loretta forgets her indefatigable support of President William Jefferson Clinton in the face of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, lewd behavior, sexual molestation, and rape.  Come on, he's a Democrat, give him a break.  Besides, in Loretta's world, coercing a young intern into providing an elected official with oral sex in a government office is small beans when compared to saying that infamous five-letter-word.  Hey, the fellow who said that word is a Republican... and we hate them Republicans, don't we?

Back when Clinton was up to his sexual mischief, Senator Weinberg said she was "angry" with those who mentioned it and blamed the prosecutor for "invading this portion of our government."  Defending President Clinton after his sexual improprieties came to light, Weinberg said that she had "enormous respect for his ability as the President."   His ability?  What a poor choice of words.

And speaking of President Clinton's "ability," here's a partial list of those he was "able" with:  Juanita BroaddrickPaula JonesKathleen WilleyMonica Lewinsky...

Which brings us to the latest scumbag Democrat  -- Senator Bob Menendez.  Now over the years Loretta has just slobbered all over the state's senior senator.  Now that we all know the tale about how he helped a mega-rich scumbag import some girls into the good old U.S. of A. -- you would think that Loretta Weinberg would be out there, every day, holding a sign up and calling for his immediate resignation.  Not Loretta. 

Remember what Senator Loretta Weinberg called this case of sexploitation:

"Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg said today that the burgeoning scandal surrounding U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is a 'distraction' from what’s important to Garden State residents right now."

Is that a classic or what?

Think of the kind of perverted, upside-down mind you need to have to call for the resignation of someone who uses a word that Senator Weinberg herself has used many times but then to argue against the resignations of critters like William Jefferson Clinton and Robert Menendez.  She has power, she has money, she has a dirty weird kind of icky political "celebrity" but she has no integrity.  People respond to her, for the present, because of the former.  She will be quickly forgotten, because of the latter.