Where was Nia Gill's outrage on Neil Cohen?

Some people -- like Democrat  Senator Nia Gill -- think that slavery is something that happened long, long ago.  In fact, slavery is with us today... and it's bigger than ever.  According to world agencies, 45.8 million people are enslaved and a big part of that enslavement is through the exploitation of children in the child sex trade.

Which brings us to former Democrat Assemblyman Neil Cohen, Senator Nia Gill's onetime "BFF".  Democrat Cohen got caught using State computers to access child porn, an aspect of modern slavery.  As Wikipedia notes:

Cohen was indicted for official misconduct (2nd degree), reproduction of child pornography (2nd degree), distribution of child pornography (2nd degree), and possession of child pornography (4th degree).  In a plea agreement, the state dropped the official misconduct charge and three of four child pornography counts, and on April 12, 2010, Cohen pleaded guilty to the charge of endangering the welfare of a child by distributing child pornography. Initially facing up to 30 years imprisonment, State Attorney General Paula Dow sought a five-year prison term for Cohen, as well his disbarment.   He was incarcerated from November 4, 2010 until January 4, 2012, when he was released on parole.

But guess what, Democrat Cohen wasn't disbarred.

No, the New Jersey Supreme Court failed to do that.  Instead they just suspended his privilege to practice law in New Jersey.  They did say, that attorneys convicted in future child porn cases may be disbarred "in light of society's increasing recognition of the harm done to the victims of those offenses."  Increasing recognition?  WTF!

So where was the outrage from Nia Gill?  Where were those eloquent words... "The Party of Jefferson and Jackson and Wilson has fallen into the hands of human traffickers and child pornographers!"

No outrage. 

In Nia Gill's world there is nothing worse than attending a Hank Williams Jr. concert and having your photo taken in front of the band's flag.  In Nia Gill's world, that is far, far worse than the slavery that goes on today, all around us.

Symbols are what matters.  People don't.