The Democrats and flag-burning

First off, this is not a Confederate flag...


Neither are these...

Clinton-Gore flag 92.png

And if anyone can identify one Confederate regiment that carried the "Hank Williams Jr." flag into battle during the Civil War, we'll write them a $1,000 check.

On Monday, two Democrats channeled their Mrs. Grundy and went off because some GOPer attended a Hank Williams Jr. concert.  Is it as bad as some of the mischief your average elected Democrat gets up to?  The two issued some lame platitude about the American flag:  "The only flag we pledge our allegiance to is the American flag, representing union and equality."  Okay, so they both have no clue about American history.  But don't you love it when people like this go all fake patriotic?

Now we all know that these two had North Vietnamese flags in their college dorms, worshipped at the altar of Jane Fonda, and sported "Free Mumia" tee shirts in college.  They got into the social justice weirdo act early.

Aside from that, did they forget what went on at that Women's March they supported?  Maybe we should remind them...


Well, at least we agree on one thing... somebody should be held accountable.