Murphy calls Trump names again. Stupid or dishonest?

Did Phil Murphy sleep through the history briefing he received when President Obama appointed him Ambassador to Germany?  He must have.  And it really is too bad.

If he had stayed awake, Murphy would know that the German Republic (1919-1933) was brought down by violence from both the Right and the Left.  He would understand that both violent extremes hated the centrist Republic, hated democracy, hated the police, and that they often joined together in battle against the Social Democrats and other centrists.  Many former leftist thugs were quite happy to join the thugs in the S.A. or Sturmabteilung -- a far-right, paramilitary group run by an LGBTQ Nazi named Ernst Rohm.

It is the rise of political violence that should trouble our political class -- not the ideas used as an excuse for it.  We can out-debate the foolish proponents of Nazism, Anarchy, and Communism.  Self-government, democracy, the rights and freedoms afforded under a Republic should be easy propositions to argue and win.  Especially when all your opponents have are the Cloud Cuckoo land theories of racial exceptionalism held by neo-Nazis, the juvenile rantings of post-teen anarchists, and the authoritarianism promised by Communists.  Catch these asswipes arguing with each other and fighting:

It's pitiful. 

And it is only going to get worse due to the irresponsible comments by one-percenters-on-the-make like Wall Streeter Phil Murphy.  Murphy, the Democrat candidate for Governor, fundraised himself into an Ambassadorship in the Obama administration.  Now he tries to serve up warmed over history lessons of the most absurd kind.

Yesterday, the Observer NJ website reported on Murphy's latest attempt to push the line that President Donald Trump is the same as Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler:

"In provocative comments, Phil Murphy, the Democratic nominee for governor, went so far as to compare the political climate fostered by President Trump to the rise of Nazi Germany. Murphy said the racial violence hit home as a former U.S. ambassador to Germany, and said people should be worried about the Trump administration.

...But Murphy by far has been one of the most sharply critical Democrats of the president in the wake of the deadly violence this weekend at a white supremacist demonstration. Murphy over the weekend also suggested Trump was inciting people to commit violence, and it’s not the first time he makes the Nazi comparison."

First, having participated in wrecking the American economy in the run-up to 2008, Wall Streeter Phil Murphy bears a great deal of the responsibility for fostering the political climate that gave us Donald Trump.  Nothing like a great recession, record poverty, child-hunger, foreclosure, homelessness, joblessness and under-employment, and suicide to tip a society off the deep-end.  And when Americans of all races, creeds, colors, and genders needed jobs, Phil Murphy was creating them... offshore.  Good job, Bozo.

If Phil Murphy had even a tiny fraction of common sense to go with all that misbegotten dough he has tucked away in various financial institutions, he would pick up on the fact that by saying that an American President is Hitler, Murphy is himself "inciting people to commit violence" -- up to an including armed insurrection.  Think about it, Dimwit!  If people are really, really convinced that this guy is really, really Hitler... then who wouldn't use every means to overthrow the elected government of the United States of America?  And is that really what you are pushing for?  You sure about this?  You know, there's stupid, and then there's this.  So keep flapping your gums, rich guy with shit-for-brains.

And this isn't the first time you went there:

The national media reported on your earlier gum-flapping incident:

"A former Goldman Sachs executive who appeared to compare the Trump administration to the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany during the 1920s won New Jersey's gubernatorial primary.

The Associated Press declared Phil Murphy (D-Monmouth), the winner of Tuesday's crowded primary race.

Murphy served as ambassador to Germany under President Barack Obama.

At a speech earlier this year in Montclair, near Paterson, Murphy said he 'lived in Germany twice.'

'I kn[e]w what was being said about somebody else in the 1920s,' he added.

Murphy said that people could 'drop in names from today into those observations from the 1920s.'

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and Murphy's opponent, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R-N.J.) - the Republican primary victor - called for Murphy to apologize for what some saw as a comparison between Trump and Hitler.

Recently, on a New Jersey news program, Murphy appeared to double down on his remarks."

Yeah, Trump is like Hitler. . . except for his Jewish daughter and son-in-law and grand kids.  Yeah... except that unlike you and Trump, Hitler wasn't a rich guy.  Hitler was a street bum picked up by the German Army and placed into the National Socialist Party (NSDAP).   Oh yeah, Trump didn't try to overthrow the government by violent force (like you are trying to do, Phil Murphy).  Guess you were asleep for the part of your briefing that covered the 1923 Putsch.  And America didn't just lose a World War like Germany did.  And America isn't a brand new republic, like Germany was, we go back a little ways.  And -- despite the best efforts of people like you, Phil Murphy, you Wall Streeters didn't quite wreck the American economy as badly as Germany's was wrecked in the 1920's.  We haven't had hyper-inflation yet, neither have we had a Great Depression recently...  Oh, but you did try, didn't you?

So other than that (and a lot, lot more) your comparison, Phil Murphy, is spot on.