Republican Lawmakers Caught in Planned Parenthood Trap Face Rebellion from NJ Voters





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Republican Lawmakers Caught in Planned Parenthood Trap Face Rebellion from NJ Voters

July 13, 2017--

The Star Ledger has reported that 4 Republican lawmakers have committed to change their No votes and now intend to vote to force the taxpayers of NJ to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, despite the organization's terrible record in NJ of engaging in waste, fraud and abuse and despite the evidence which shows that NJ women's health care services are being met, provided and funded through the FQHCs. 

 "Republican Lawmakers who vote to fund Planned Parenthood will undoubtedly face a backlash by voters in their districts in November," said Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.

Record of Waste, Fraud and Abuse

The U.S. Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services performed an audit during the period when our state funded Planned Parenthood and uncovered a consistent problem with New Jersey-based family planning clinics run by the NJ Planned Parenthood abortion business.  The government audit found that they were improperly billing Medicaid for services that did not qualify as family planning.

An initial audit revealed New Jersey improperly received federal reimbursement at the enhanced 90 percent rate for 160,955 prescription drug claims that were billed as family planning, but did not qualify as family planning services. A letter from the Inspector General to New Jersey officials recommended that New Jersey repay $2,219,746 to the federal government.

See p. 5 of the audit:

In 2011, an employee at Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey in Perth Amboy, NJ  was caught on video willing to aid and abet undercover investigators posing as sex traffickers of minors.

Central Jersey Planned Parenthood fires worker after release of undercover video

In addition, a 2011 inspection performed by the surveyors from the Dept of Health found 39 deficiencies for Planned Parenthood of Mercer Areafor, among other things,  improper use of syringes and compounds, improper training and qualifications of staff on pain management and health care counseling (including abortion services), failure to have an infection control program in place, failure to have hot running water in facility, failure to require physical exam for staff and failure to test staff for rubella, and TB tests, improper use of and sterilization of medical instruments and devices, including a vaginal ultrasound and several other sanitary and safety violations involving patient care and many other administrative deficiencies.  This facility also provides “family planning services.”   (Obtained by NJRTL through OPRA. )

"It is unconscionable that these lawmakers want to force the hard working citizens of NJ to fund an organization that is so unworthy of our tax dollars.  This is an organization that proves time and again that they don't care about women, only their bottom line, and we should not be funding them with our tax dollars. Planned Parenthood is a private, non-profit organization that has the ability to raise their own funds. Any lawmaker who wants to support them is free to do so through their own bank account, but shouldn't be forcing the hard working citizens of NJ to fund them.  We plan to monitor this issue and keep NJ voters informed about this important matter that affects all NJ taxpayers, "said Tasy.


Marie Tasy is the Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life.