Oroho got highest number of GOP votes in state

It was supposed to be the most watched race in the state.  NJ101.5's Bill Spadea and Save Jersey's Matt Rooney had Steve Oroho in their crosshairs.  Liberals like Democrat Senator Ray "Lord of Ass" Lesniak and Republican Jennifer Beck had lots of bad to say about him. 

The Koch Brothers and the petroleum lobby used their astro-turf group to engineer the now notorious screw card; that child of David "Wally Edge" Wildstein, the ObserverNJ, ran a hit piece by NJELEC's own James Comey, Jeff Brindle; an AFP operative had a state employee try to shake down a candidate; and DOT employees got in on the action, tearing down some political campaign signs while leaving those up of candidates they supported.  But at the polls, the wheels came off -- and they couldn't quite put the clown car back together again. 

On election day, June 6th, Senator Steve Oroho (LD24) got more votes than any Republican Senator or Senate candidate in New Jersey.  Senator Oroho picked-up 10,773 votes in the Republican primary -- the most votes won by any Senate Republican in the 40 legislative districts in New Jersey, according to the elections division of the Secretary of State's office.

The closest to Senator Oroho was Senator Mike Doherty (LD23) who got 10,742 and Senator Joe Pennacchio (LD26) with 10,357.  But unlike Senator Oroho, both had no opposition.

In comparison, Republican luminaries like Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. and NJ101.5's favorite, Senator Jennifer Beck, picked-up 7,678 and 5,081 votes, respectively.

LD01  6,269

LD02  5,879

LD03  4,133

LD04  3,697

LD05  2,524

LD06  3,985

LD07  5,794

LD08  6,541

LD09  9,221

LD10  8,856

LD11  5,081

LD12  4,263 (faced opposition)

LD13  5,939

LD14  3,475 (faced opposition)

LD15  2,228

LD16  8,364

LD17  2,060

LD18  2,560

LD19  1,834

LD20  678

LD21  7,678

LD22  2,306

LD23  10,742

LD24  10,773 (faced opposition)

LD25  8,740

LD26  10,357

LD27  4,609

LD28  (no GOP candidate)

LD29  498

LD30  8,434

LD31  663

LD32  913

LD33  907

LD34  1,029

LD35  978

LD36  1,861

LD37  1,052 (faced opposition)

LD38  4,094

LD39  6,132

LD40  7,698 (faced opposition)

Among Republican Assembly members, Parker Space got the most in the state, with 11,097 votes.  Space was bracketed with Hal Wirths, who picked-up 9,797 votes -- the fourth highest in the state.  Oroho, Space, and Wirths ran as a team.