Why the British don't get SNL's Sean Spicer skits

Saturday Night Live's Sean Spicer skits -- and the outrage they are meant to reinforce -- often leave our British cousins scratching their heads.  They ask, "He's a press secretary, right?"

That's because the Brits have a history of outrageous political press operatives, like Alastair Campbell, Prime Minister Tony Blair's Press Secretary and Director of Communications & Strategy.  Campbell's foul language and bullying style were immortalized in the fictional character of "director of communications" Malcolm Tucker and his equally Scottish "senior press officer" Jaime McDonald.  Like Campbell, whose father spoke Scots Gaelic, they are all Scotsmen.

So enjoy and, while we know it is a few weeks past what used to be called "Secretary's Day," just count your blessings that you don't have these folks to contend with every day.