Tea Party AWOL in defending Trump, Frelinghuysen

While the Tea Party is busy attacking conservative Republican legislators over singular policy differences, there is a growing cultural tidal wave forming that is threatening to sweep away everything that the average Tea Party member holds dear.  Yes, the Left has finally found religion.  And no, it is not Judeo-Christianity.

Here is what the Left thinks of Jesus Christ...

Yes, the "Mary" referred to is the Mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

And just in time for Mother's Day, allow us to refer you to another of the Left's anti-Christian, anti-Mary, pantomimes...

But not to worry.  There is one religion that they do respect.

This advertisement was recently copied from the Facebook page of a Leftist equivalent of the Tea Party in Sussex County, a group called Action Together Sussex County (ATSC):

Wow, "limited to women only... no pork products/gelatin and alcohol."  Very respectful.  Somebody has been reading the Koran.

As we have seen, the Left does not extend the same respect to all religions.

Action Together Sussex County (ATSC) has a clear agenda: 

(1) Resist the legally elected government of the United States of America until that time that a coup removes the elected President and installs someone more to the liking of the so-called "Resistance." 

(2) Harass Republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen until he decides not to run for re-election.  And if he does run for re-election, build a grassroots organization that can conduct social media, door-to-door, and phone bank operations to defeat him in 2018 and install a Leftist Democrat in his place. 

(3) Support liberal Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer and insure that he is re-elected in 2018.

(4) Defeat the LD24 Republican legislators -- Senator Steve Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space, and Assembly candidate Hal Wirths -- in November 2017.

(5) In November 2017, elect "lawyer to the Far-Left" Dan Perez as the first Democrat Sussex County Freeholder in more than a decade.

If you want to see how focused the grassroots Left is on its agenda, just go to Action Together Sussex County's Facebook page and get an education. 


The Tea Party is sleeping or fighting with Republicans instead of preparing to meet this challenge. 

Our message should be clear.  To meet this challenge from the Left, we can have NO ENEMIES ON THE RIGHT.  Put your egos on ice for a time and work at getting along.  Either that, or get comfortable with the Left and their cultural agenda being the world in which your children and grandchildren are raised.

Your choice.