Spadea promotes Guadagno at LGBT PAC fundraiser

So Bill Spadea brought super-far-left Democrat Jay Lassiter onto his show to promote Kim Guadagno attending a fundraising event for New Jersey's top PAC involved in pushing a far-left social agenda. 


Corporations such as banking giant PNC and Prudential insurance paid as much as $20,000 to host the event -- so don't ever try to claim "otherness" for the LGBT cause -- it is the latest fashion statement by the Establishment, pure and simple.  Corporate backers aside, the ticket price for ordinary people is $250.00.

Our biggest gripe with Garden State Equality is that they oppose democracy.  Instead of leaving important issues to the voters, they lobby to have the unelected judiciary decide for us and then to push major social changes down our throats.  If the TTF and Bail Reform were such big issues that they needed to be placed on the ballot as Public Questions -- why not Same-Sex Marriage? 

We also object to the never-satisfied, unending outrage that flows from the mouths and pens of Garden State Equality.  Needing a cause to sustain the flow of money that keeps their professional activists in pocket money, no sooner one undemocratic victory is wrapped up, they are on to the next "outrage" that must be corrected.  And so within months after same-sex marriage we have the endlessly boring "outrage" over adult males who "identify" as females not being allowed to swing their schwantz in the little girls' toilet.  Really?  Can't we as people work this out... community by community... with a wink and a nod to some (who we know, love, and tolerate), but without the totality that allows a predator in with the teenage girls?

We have been warned about this kind of "totality" before, in another context, by that good liberal, Mrs. Lillian Smith.  A Southern writer, she was a pioneer in the battle to end segregation.  We recommend her book, The Winner Names the Age.  In it, you will find this passage she wrote when she accepted the Charles S. Johnson Award for her work:

“It is his millions of relationships that will give man his humanity… It is not our ideological rights that are important but the quality of our relationships with each other, with all men, with knowledge and art and God that count.

The civil rights movement has done a magnificent job but it is now faced with the ancient choice between good and evil, between love for all men and lust for a group’s power.”

“Every group on earth that has put ideology before human relations has failed; always disaster and bitterness and bloodshed have come.  This movement, too, may fail.  If it does, it will be because it aroused in men more hate than love, more concern for their own group than for all people, more lust for power than compassion for human need.”

“We must avoid the trap of totalism which lures a man into thinking there is only one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now.”

Erick Erickson and Bill Blankschaen recently published a book called "You Will Be Made to Care" about the threat posed by groups like Garden State Equality to the right of every human being to think as he or she chooses and the freedom to express those thoughts.  Along those same lines, although much more powerfully written, is "Submission" by Michel Houellebecq.  It is a reminder of how easy it is to conform, and by conforming, to lose the freedom of one's own conscience.

If you think that you can be a modern Amish today, that you can opt out and be left alone, that doesn't appear likely.  To date, there has been a certain lack of generosity by the winners of these cultural battles.  In every state where same-sex marriage was legalized, people of conscience who objected to participating in someone else's "celebration" were targeted and made to pay for their dissent.  After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in every state, what did the winning side do?  It started talking about stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status.

Groups like Garden State Equality do not look for compromise or for tolerance.  They want hegemony.  The totalism warned against by Lillian Smith... "one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now."

For this reason, they must be opposed by all free-thinkers.  For this reason, we note our disappointment in those so-called Republican leaders who promote and support Garden State Equality.