Ice cream! Lyon didn't pay his refrigeration bill!

A recent political campaign mailer sent out by candidate Hank Lyon featured a double scoop of ice cream in a cone.  Yum.

But not if you are the poor soul who got stiffed for the refrigeration bill.  Ice cream needs to be kept cold, as we all know.  Lyon and his family own several restaurants, he and his campaign people are employed through these restaurants, and the corporations behind these restaurants have funded his campaigns.

Unfortunately, Tri-County Refrigeration had to sue Qdoba Restaurant Corporation (Case #DC 009143).  The case was filed on December 22, 2014.  The case resulted in a judgment against Qdoba for $2,142.35.   The judgment is numbered  004778 14.  The lien was filed on October 16, 2015.  The current status is open.

Here is a photograph from January 2013 of Freeholder Hank Lyon wearing the Qdoba Restaurant Corporation uniform.  Looks like he just had some ice cream.