Save Jersey: It's now OK to grab p-ssy

Was it really less than six months ago that the editor of the blog Save Jersey had a meltdown over the language Donald Trump used many years ago to a media celebrity, privately, that was recorded without his knowledge, and then released in the waning days of the presidential election by the campaign of Hillary Clinton?

Writing about the Billy Bush episode, wasn't it Save Jersey that wrote these words:

"Trump’s lack of concern for dignity and etiquette crossed every line no matter how many times Republicans re-drew it to fit him on the correct side of it.  We couldn’t have fun with it any longer. He would make Silvio Berlusconi ashamed. We want what was good and different about Trump but he pushed us to the point where support for him is to debase our own values." 

And wasn't it the Editor himself who said that he had to "hold his nose" to vote for Donald Trump because of the President's "potty mouth"?

Didn't he write the following?

"The fact that Americans chose a potty-mouthed snake oil salesman (Trump) and an sickly socialist crook (Clinton) as the presidential finalists out of 300+ million citizens? It’s the stuff of which nightmares are made. Our culture is sick. Very sick. This disease will doom us long before any single policy or politician. What’s a voter to do? These politicians are a reflection of us. Donald Trump’s antics are a symptom of what we’ve become."

Was it not the Editor of Save Jersey who wrote this? 

"We know the French Revolution analogy for the GOP’s 2016 meltdown is the fairest, most accurate causative analysis for how the Party of Lincoln and Reagan arrived at this sad pass. That’s another discussion for another time when tempers cool and folks are once more ready to listen to one another. For now? Trump going down in flames by 2 points or 12 points won’t speed up the catharsis of the willfully blind. The only certain result of a Trump loss is a Clinton victory. The only way to ‘save’ the GOP is for better, stronger alternatives to Trumpism and Liberalism to step forward and assert themselves."


Well, six months has passed and now the same website, the same Editor, is promoting (some would say hyper-promoting), the candidacy of a guy who so loved the phrase that Donald Trump used (but who never intended for anyone to hear it) and got into trouble for that he just couldn't stop saying it.

In tweets and on Facebook, the CWA's own Bill Hayden -- the Vice President of the Skylands Tea Party -- went on and on about "grabbing pussy."

Hayden headshot.jpg

Last October, he tweeted:  "Make America Great again, grab all pussies and throw them out".

Hayden Twitter4.jpg

There are dozens of obscene examples of this clown's antics, but we need go no further than the tweet that followed the one above in which he called the Republican National Committee under Reince Priebus, who is now President Trump's chief of staff, "pussies that need to be grabbed and tossed."

Hayden Twitter3.jpg

Yep, Bill Hayden.  This is the guy who Bill Spadea, Kim Guadagno, and Matt Rooney want to see take his place in the GOP Senate caucus.  Ahhhhh... how he will elevate the proceedings.