AFP and the Koch Bros go after Trump and Ryan

The social liberals at the Koch network have promised to "spend millions of dollars" to defeat the Republican health care plan to replace ObamaCare. 

The network's leading organizations, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Freedom Partners, announced on Wednesday the creation of a special fund to support House members who vote against the health care bill.

"Some of those who decry 'special interests' and how money runs politics are happy to follow the billionaire Koch Brothers and the organizations they bankroll, like Americans for Prosperity (AFP)," said one New Jersey conservative.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips confirmed that the group planned to spend "seven figures" to oppose President Donald Trump and Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan.  The money will go towards "political ads, direct mail, and other grassroots activity."

Curiously, much of northwest New Jersey is unlikely to see any of this activity because it is particularly targeted against Republicans, so those living in newly elected liberal Democrat Josh Gottheimer's district will get a pass.  It will be a very different story for other New Jersey Republicans.

Writing on the  conservative news website, NewsMax, one conservative activist said:  "The Koch Brothers are fierce enemies of the American people and need to be boycotted by every American," adding that the Koch Brothers are "sick billionaires" and "globalists" whose game is to "fail President Trump and the American people while they claim to be seeking a perfect 100% great bill that does not exist".