Michael Hill the liar. NJTV's attempted hit in LD24.

We all remember when Governor Chris Christie shut down NJN in 2011.  The old time journalists there were stunned.  One of the few Republicans who dared to stand up to Governor Christie was Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose (R-24).

On the vote to kill NJN, McHose cast a vote against Christie.  Chancing upon her family's old friend, NJN reporter Michael Aron, the Assemblywoman shocked him with the news that she had told Christie no.  She added, "I did it for you, Michael."

But in the end, a bi-partisan majority came together to screw the New Jersey Network and the measure of transparency it had provided the public.  Christie got what he wanted -- but so did certain Democrats, when Christie ceded to them effective control over the new entity that was to come out of the closure of NJN.

The new station was called NJTV.  It is owned by the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority and operated by Public Media NJ, a subsidiary of WNET.org.  Programming and content is farmed out, under contract, to a non-profit organization called the Caucus Educational Corporation (CEC). 

The boss of CEC is Steve Adubato Jr. -- a former Democrat Assemblyman and son of the Essex County Democrat Party machine boss.  Yep, that's who is doing the programming and content behind what you see on NJTV.


Yes, the Democrat machine boss' baby boy not only had an Assembly seat handed to him when he was but a mere lad, when he got tired of playing with that, the boss got a Republican Governor to hand him one of the most lucrative patronage deals in the state.  What you ask?  Well, do you care to guess how much little Stevie makes off of this so-called non-profit?  How does $537,218.00 a year grab you?


Now, do you feel better... or worse?

Long Sussex County's first family, old Senator Bob Littell had often come to the aid of public broadcasting and NJN in particular -- and Mrs. Virginia Littell was an active fundraiser and friend of the station.  Both the late Senator and Mrs. Littell were long-time friends of the Space family, which went back in Sussex County history as long as theirs.  Mrs. Littell was Parker Space's campaign chairwoman when he ran for Freeholder in 2010, and Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose endorsed Parker Space for Assembly in 2013.  Both Mrs. Littell and the former Assemblywoman were active in Space's 2017 campaign -- Mrs. Littell as the spokeswoman, while the former Assemblywoman cut a radio spot for him.

So imagine the surprise in Sussex County, in the Assemblywoman's old district, when the successors to NJN showed up the day before Tuesday's election to ambush Assemblyman Space and his running mate in District 24.  Now ambush journalism is never pretty, and is always based on a misrepresentation or lie by the reporter.  In this case, the reporter -- a guy named Michael Hill -- claimed to be doing an election wrap-up with a focus on women candidates.

Of course, he wasn't.  Actually, Michael Hill was doing a coordinated hit on Assemblyman Space and running mate Hal Wirths, the former state Commissioner of Labor.  He wasn't there to "wrap-up" anything, but rather to open up or re-open a can of worms.  As if enough hadn't been written already about Assemblyman Space attending a Hank Williams Jr. concert and being photographed with a Hank Williams Jr. band banner -- NJTV's Michael Hill wanted to get one more hit in before Election Day.  Hill also wanted to bring up again -- the day before the election -- the illicit tape recording made of Assemblyman Space, during a private conversation, by a Democrat campaign worker.  In private, Space is heard referring to one of his opponents as a "bitch".  

The Democrats complained bitterly about Space's use of the word, despite it being a word heard frequently in Democrat circles.  That, and being sexually molested by major party fundraisers, appears to have been commonplace with the Democrats.  Their motto -- at least until the last few weeks -- seems to have been, "Don't ask, don't tell."   

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this attempted political hit piece is the involvement of Rutgers' Center for Women & Politics.  Another so-called non-partisan organization with a tax exemption from the IRS.  Apparently, the Center's Executive Director, Debbie Walsh was the impetus behind the scam, as the hand-written note below indicates.


Curiously, Ms. Walsh believes that when a Republican legislator is accused of using the term "bitch" that makes him unfit for office, but when a Democrat legislator is taken to court for stalking women -- she's okay with that because, well hell, that guy's a Democrat!  This is the part of the modern day, partisan-first fake feminism that we don't buy.  

We get the feminist movement for the same reasons we support the trade unions movement -- people have the right to organize and collectively stand up to the powerful who are screwing them over.  But what we don't get is when so-called feminists get bent out of shape over a very commonplace word that 99 percent of them use -- but then make decades of excuses for the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton.  

If Republican Assemblyman Parker Space is a bad guy, then what does that make Democrat Assemblyman Raj Mukerji?  What does that make Joe Waks, accused of sexually harassing a woman employee and the man who runs Democrat Speaker Vinnie Prieto's SuperPAC for him?

Walsh, whose interview was actually part of the hit piece couldn't contain her smug self-satisfaction at pulling it off.  She reminded us of a constipation sufferer who had just taken a hard dump.  Boy, could you read the satisfaction on that face.  In the interview, she warned that women legislators would hold what Space said against him -- but apparently they forgive stalking and sexual harassment.  No big deal, right?  So long as it comes from a Democrat.

What should be remembered and not ever forgotten is that these people are partisan dirtbags.  Don't cooperate with them.  Don't feed them stories and when they come looking for sustenance cut them off.  If they want to be one-sided then leave them only one-side that will cooperate with them on their bullshit.  Turn them inside out and make them the dull propagandists that they are.  Without available foils, they will soon bore and dry up.