Fat Norman's take on InsiderNJ's election predictions

Fat Norman is a comedian who says whatever pops into his mind.  Here is his take on InsiderNJ's "insiders" and their predictions.

JOSHUA HENNE, progressive communications wiz. “Unfortunately for Kim Guadagno, it’s not her name on the ballot. It’s Chris Christie and Donald Trump.   

Needs his eyes examined.   Where does he see "Christie" and "Trump" on this ballot?

SCOTT RUDDER, chair NJ Cannabusiness Association/former GOP lawmaker, “No matter who wins today, we will see cannabis decriminalized and medical cannabis more accessible. This happens in either a Guadagno or Murphy Administration. And that’s a good thing.  That being said, if Murphy wins, we expect to see a more aggressive approach towards correcting unjust cannabis laws. The expansion into the adult-use cannabis market will create tens of thousands of new jobs and help accelerate our economic recovery.”

Pothead.  An economic recovery based on getting stoned.  What an asshole.

JIM McGREEVY, former NJ Governor. “New Jersey reasserts true blue status; NJ as an alternate policy laboratory to DC as to training and education, jobs and the economy.”

Ass.  He sees NJ becoming a laboratory for fuckedupedness. 

ARLENE QUINONES PEREZ , chair Hundedon County Democrats.  “Low voter turnout. Phil Murphy  between 9-12%. One LD39 D wins. In LD 16, two Assembly D wins but by small numbers may not be called until Wednesday.”

Hundedon County?  One LD39 win???  How are things in Hundedon?

JOEY NOVICK, ACLU NJ/Former Flemington Councilman... Jay Lassiter continues to write clever and entertaining columns for InsiderNJ after Election Day.”

A handjob in love with the Man from Ass.

LYNDA HINKLE, Camden County Democratic Committee. “A Phil Murphy win is a win for legalization of cannabis which means a new revenue stream for the state. But I think Kim Guadagno comes closer than originally expected despite many in her party working against her or at least not for her.

How come she gets why the GOP loses but the GOP doesn't?

ALEX LAW, former Congressional candidate/anti-machine liberal. “As a huge believer in good old fashioned grassroots door knocking, I’ve been thrilled to see the Murphy campaign send thousands of people out to talk to voters one on one all across the state. I think his resoundingly progressive platform and his grassroots execution will carry him to a convincing victory.”

Good Guy... but it's called paid for astroturf.  Shameful is nothing to be thrilled about.

LOU MAGAZZU, former Cumberland Freeholder. “Bob Andrzejczak and Robert Bruce Land will win by historic margins for anyone not named Van Drew. They have done a great job as Assemblyman and candidates and the voters will reward them today.”

The wanker speaks!  WTF?  Did someone shit in his brain and forget to flush it?

CHRISTIAN FUSCARINO, chair Garden State Equality. “We trust that Phil Murphy, Sheila Oliver, Vin Gopal, and all the candidates that stand for equality and justice will trump their opponents by a landslide, sending a resounding message of hope across the nation.”

Ass.  And why did Jennifer Beck think it so important to kiss up to these phonies?  Why does any Republican kiss up to GSE?  


Who are you?

KATHY O’LEARY, Longhill Residents for Responsible Development.

Why should we know you?

BRANDON MCKOY Deputy Chapter Director of New Leaders Council – NJ

Another person known only to the Hand of Lassiter.


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