GSI asks Census Bureau to include Astrological data in census

According to a Harris Poll, 26 percent of all Americans "believe" in Astrology.  This is consistent with an earlier Gallup Poll showing 25 percent of Americans adhering to a belief in Astrology.  While there is something of a gender gap (28% female to 23% male -- nobody reported being a third gender) this indicates that one in four Americans are believers in Astrology. 

"This represents an enormous group of people who are currently unrepresented in the Census," said Cha-Cha Buttafuco, Executive Director of GSI.  "We are all born under a specific sign that is Astrologically pre-ordained.  It's not like gender, where the medical personnel make the decision."  Buttafuco noted that while some have suggested allowing people to petition the court for a change of birth-date on their birth certificate, his organization rejects that.  "Our individual Astrological birth sign is sacred and unalterable -- the way chromosomes used to be."

Earlier this year, the U.S. Census Bureau issued its formal notification of what subjects it planned to include in the upcoming surveys.  These subjects included the familiar topics: gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship, and homeownership status.  Absent from this list of important demographic subjects is Astrological status.

The government must have accurate, inclusive data on all demographic groups to properly allocate federal resources and best serve Americans.  How do we know how to plan for road rage incidents or fund anger management if we do not know the percentage of Aries in a community?  How can we plan for the future if we do not have the data with which to predict it?  This is a common-sense step that deserves the support of everyone to make sure it is part of the 2020 Census and American Community Survey.

GSI and the American Tarot Fund have both expressed support for this plan.  "It seems almost too, too, too obvious that Astrological data should be included in the census," said Honey Moe-Moe, of the ATF.  "Our community is heavily affected by policies and programs that are set by the Census, and it is unethical for these decisions to be made without knowing the size of Astrologically related demographics.  Because, as we all know, size matters and we won't count if we're caught short."

To which GSI's Cha-Cha Buttafuco added:  "Yeah, it's like a party, you just got to stand out or you are just a big fat nobody."