Peterson dumps on GOP admin under Christie

When the genuinely deceitful want to ignore something they make the claim that it is "unknowable."  On Thursday, Assemblyman Erik Peterson was on the Bill Spadea spewfest and between the two of them they couldn't muster the brainpower to have a mature, deliberate conversation regarding the findings and the differences between the Reason Foundation study and the Rutgers University study into New Jersey's road construction costs.  Here, read both studies for yourself:

First off, anyone claiming to believe that every position held by the Reason Foundation is infallible should know that in 2005, Reason changed its position on global warming, arguing:  "Anyone still holding onto the idea that there is no global warming ought to hang it up.  All data sets—satellite, surface, and balloon—have been pointing to rising global temperatures."   

Spadea, who exhibited the same verbal diarrhea he was known for as a political candidate, failed to give his brain a chance to absorb the data he was shouting about.   Did both Spadea and Peterson skip that science class at Cherry Hill East? 

Come on boys, our grandfathers lived in the time of Einstein, we live in the time of Hawking, do you really want us to buy your b.s. that while the universe may be knowable, the cost of constructing a highway in New Jersey is unquantifiable by modern science?  You people have either purposefully failed to apply yourselves or you are idiots and not fit to hold the jobs that you do.

If Bill Spadea is too dense to read and comprehend what is contained in the studies, he shouldn't have an equally stupid politician on his show to join him in obnoxious primate behavior, he should ask the writers of each study to come on and explain it.  That's if, of course, Spadea would stop hooting and hollering long enough to let them get a word in.

One remarkable aspect of the show -- and that's what it is, a show -- was the way in which these two "Republicans" blithely trashed the current Republican administration in New Jersey.  It sounded more like a discussion between two Democrat candidates for Governor than two GOPers.

Spadea announced that Governor Christie's property tax cap was a complete failure, claiming that his property taxes had gone up "twenty percent the last few years" under Christie.  We're looking into this claim and others made by Spadea, don't you worry. 

Not to be outdone, Assemblyman Peterson took a dump on the GOP Christie administration's handling of the state's roads and bridges these last 6 years and 6 months.  He told the NJ 101.5 audience that the Governor's people had no idea what they were doing and that they were completely unprofessional (aka not run like a business).  Peterson called the Christie administration "embarrassing" and added that it should be "embarrassed." 

Assemblyman Peterson then came up with his own figure for the cost-per-mile of a road in New Jersey:  $1 million, which he claimed came from the Department of Transportation.   He said that half of that cost was due to state required "studies and different types of engineering stuff."  Stuff?  Yeah, that's a technical term.

The Assemblyman doesn't appear to understand the federal requirement tied to transportation grants that mandates "prevailing wage" laws be obeyed.  But it is his (and Spadea's) attitude towards blue-collar workers that was most cringe worthy.  To them, it's quite alright that a lawyer be paid $400 an hour to practice his dubious profession, but it's a national outrage that a heavy equipment operator earn $60,000 a year for doing a far more important job.  Let's face it, when the blue-collar guy is finished, we have a road, a thing of value.  When the lawyer is through, we have a headache, a pile of bullshit, and a bill.